Savannah River Run



In 1982 after months of pouring over county maps and highlighting six cross-state routes on low volume roads that would connect State Parks we were ready to drive the routes in both directions. The Savannah River Run was up first. After driving the route and making a few adjustments I volunteered to bike the route from September 30 to October 6. SC PRT employee’s John Reid Clonts and Robert Owens drove me to the Georgia border on SC 28 near Oconee State Park and I biked to Hunting Island State Park. Here’s my write-up and photos of that trip.

Narrative from Bicycle Touring Guide:

Thbike-graphic-blue-Savannah-River-Runis 286-mile route roughly parallels the course of the mighty Savannah river from its headwaters high in the Blue Ridge Mountain Foothills to a beautiful sea island on the Atlantic Coast. The terrain is varied; starting with steep mountain inclines, then through the rolling hills of the midlands and down to the flatlands of the coastal region.

The Savannah River Run connects with the North Carolina Mountains to the Sea Bicycle Route on Highway 28, 10 miles south of Highlands, North Carolina (see the NC/JKL Mountain Connector maps).

Overnight accommodations are especially good along this route. The route passes through or near eight well-spaced parks. All have modern camping facilities and several have cabins available to the public. However, many require reservations up to a year ahead of time, so plan accordingly. While this route can be comfortably traveled within five days, it also offer an opportunity for an extended bicycling vacation with additional recreational alternatives.

Oconee State Park can be used as a base for excellent trout fishing in nearby stocked mountain streams. The Foothills Trail, a 100-mile hiking-only trail, originates in the park and crosses some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in the Carolinas. For the daring, a day-long guided float trip down the white waters of nearby Chattooga Wild and Scenic River is a must-do adventure. Along the route, Sadlers Creek and Bakers Creek State Parks are located on two magnificent lakes where quality fishing, swimming, and boating are abundant. Hunting Island State Park, at the end of your journey, is renowned for its wide sandy beaches, sub-tropical vegetation and surf fishing.

County you will ride through are: Oconee, Anderson, Abbeville, McCormick, Edgefield, Aiken, Barnwell, Bamberg, Colleton, Hampton, Beaufort. The route was originally scouted using paper County maps. With Internet maps this is no longer necessary.

Note: Road number signs are posted at intersections. The numbers on the signs (such as S-26-50) denote the county (26), and road designation (50).

Savannah River Run Cue Sheet Directions – Northwest to Southeast

Savannah River Run Cue Sheet Directions – Southeast to Northwest