Northern Crescent



In 1983 after researching the Northern Crescent route I decided to just bicycle the Kings Mtn State Park to Myrtle Beach leg. Going West would have meant biking over 100 miles on the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway. We had already driven it many times and felt it wouldn’t cause a bicyclist any navigation problems. Here’s my write-up and photos of that January 7-10 trip.

Narrative from Bicycle Touring Guide:


The Northern Crescent Route runs just south of the North Carolina border, from the mountains to the sea. This 360-mile route gives you access to several state parks and recreation areas.

Going inland from the sea, approximately one third of the trail traverses coastal flat lands through swamps, small towns, and farm land. The second third includes rolling hills which ascend to the mountain elevations of the route’s final leg. The final 105 miles of the route follow the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, which offers a panoramic view of the majestic mountains in the background and beautiful valleys below.

Four convenient state park campgrounds are located within the first 210 miles. However, from Kings Mountain State Park near Rock Hill, it is 70 miles over a relatively steep grade to a campground. There are two parks along the next and final 60 miles which may be used for overnight stay or as a base camp for some very interesting mountain sightseeing.

The Northern Crescent route connects with the North Carolina Mountains to the Sea route on Highway 28, 10 miles south of Highlands, North Carolina (See NC-JKL mountain connector maps). The Adventure Cycling Association’s Virginia to Florida bicycle route intersects this route at Cherry Grove Beach on US Highway 17. Since the Northern Crescent route intersects every other designated South Carolina bike route, it is possible to create loop routes of varying lengths and terrain starting from a number of different points along the route.

You will bicycle through the following counties: Oconee, Pickens, Greenville, Spartanburg, Cherokee, York, Lancaster, Chesterfield, Marlboro, Dillon, Marion, Horry.

Note: Road number signs are posted at intersections. The numbers on the signs (such as S-26-50) denote the county (26), and road designation (50).

Northern Crescent Cue Sheet Directions – East to West

Northern Crescent Cue Sheet Directions – West to East