Sticker & T-shirt Sayings

Bicycle-Power-Sticker-1985Sticker & T-shirt Sayings (1,706 – updated Jan 22, 2023) are a fun thing I started collecting years ago. If you’re looking for a catchy saying for your next sticker or T-shirt. Have a scroll.

There is a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker.
—CHARLES M. SCHULZ, US Cartoonist, creator of Peanuts, 1922-2000

38 Miles Per Burrito
A Bad Day Of Biking Beats A Good Day Of Working
A Bad Day Of Cycling Beats A Good Day Of Working
A Bad Day Of Paddling Beats A Good Day Of Working
A Bad Day Of Riding Beats A Good Day Of Working
A Good Bike Ride Fixes Everything
A Good Horse Ride Fixes Everything
A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.
A Life Outdoors Is A Life Well Lived
A Little Dirt Can’t Hurt
A Singletrack Mind
A Woman Needs Two Animals: The Horse Of Her Dreams And A Jackass To Pay For It
A Woman’s Place Is In The Wild.
Actually, I Can
Adopt The Pace Of Nature
Adventure Awaits
Adventure Begins Here
Adventure Doesn’t Wait
Adventure In Every Direction
Adventure Is Calling
Adventure Is Local
Adventure Is The Respectful Pursuit Of Trouble
Adventure Mode
Adventure Rocks
Adventure Together
Advocate. Promote. Create.
All Are Welcome
All Good Things Are Wild And Free
All I Care About Is Biking
All I Care About Is Cycling
All I Care About Is Hiking
All I Care About Is Paddling
All I Care About Is Riding
All It Takes Is A Dream And A Bicycle
All It Takes Is A Dream And A Pair of Boots
All Trails Connect
All Who Wander Are Not Lost
All It Takes Is a Dream And A Bicycle
All You Need Is Love And A Bike
All You Need Is Love And A Horse
All You Need Is Love And The Mountains
Almost Heaven
Altitude Effects Attitude
American Wilderness: Love It, Or Leave It Alone
An On The 8th Day, God Went Biking
An On The 8th Day, God Went Riding
Another Best Day
Any Path. Your Way.
Any Greenway. Any Day.
Any Rail-Trail. Any Day.
Any Tool Can Be The Right Tool
Any Trail. Any Day.
Any Greenway. Any Season.
Any Rail-Trail. Any Season.
Any Trail. Any Season.
Anything Is Possible
Are We There Yet?
Are We There Yet? Said No Biker Ever.
Are You Good For The Environment
As Addictive As Cocaine And Twice As Expensive
At Home In Nature
Bark Less—Wag More
Be A Greenway Steward
Be A Happy Camper
Be A Park Steward
Be A Rail-Trail Steward
Be A River Steward
Be A Trail Steward
Be A Trail User – Not A Trail Abuser
Be Active
Be An Outsider
Be Bold
Be Brave
Be Close To Nature
Be High On Nature
Be Naturally Active
Be Nice—Greenways Are For Everyone.
Be Nice—Rail-Trails Are For Everyone.
Be Nice—Say Hi!
Be Nice—Trails Are For Everyone.
Be Out There
Be Safe Bicycling
Be Safe, Go Wild
Be Trail Kind
Be Trail Smart
Be Trail Wise
Be Wild Aware
Be Yourself
Beat Yesterday
Because I Can
Become Enraged, And Engaged
Become One
Been There. Done That. Went Back For More
Believe In Cycling
Better Greenways For All
Better Rail-Trails For All
Better Together!
Better Trails For All
Beware—Horse Bites
Bicycle Friendly America
Bicycle Nerds Are Sexy
Bicycling Forever—Freedom Forever
Bicycling Makes Life Better
Bicycling Side Effects May Include Sweating And Euphoria
Big Adventures
Bike Cool
Bike. Eat. Repeat.
Bike Everywhere
Bike Faster—I Hear Banjo Music
Bike For The Health Of It
Bike For Peace
Bike It!
Bike It Out
Bike Joy
Bike Life
Bike Like A Local
Bike Love
Bike Me!
Bike More
Bike More—Drive Less
Bike More—Worry Less
Bike Naked
Bike Nerds Are Sexy
Bike On
Bike Power
Bike Safety
Bike Smart
Bike Strong
Bike There
Bike Wild
Biked It—Liked It
Biker Friendly
Bikers Gonna Bike
Bikers Welcome
Bikes Are Fun
Bikes Are Traffic—Not Targets
Bikes Not Bombs
Bikes Or Death
Biking Bliss
Biking – Mother Nature’s Miracle Medicine
Biking The Dream
Blaze Your Own Trail
Blood Sweat And Gears
Boldly Go
Bomb Hills—Not Countries
Bomb Hills—Not Countries
Born To Bike
Born To Dare
Born To Hike
Born To Paddle
Born To Pedal
Born To Ramble
Born To Ride
Born To Roam
Born To Bike—Forced To Work
Born To Hike—Forced To Work
Born To Paddle—Forced To Work
Born To Pedal—Forced To Work
Born To Ride—Forced To Work
Born To Roam
Bring Your Compass, It’s Awkward When You Have To Eat Your Friends
Built For Fresh Air
Built On Purpose
Burn Carbohydrates—Not Hydrocarbons
Burn Fat—Not Oil
But Did You Die
Camp Matters
Campers Gonna Camp
Camping Life
Camping – Mother Nature’s Miracle Medicine
Can’t You Hear The Wild? It’s Calling You.
Carry Trail Kindness Forward
Cars Suck
Caution: Hiker On Board—This Vehicle Stops At All Trail Crossings
Celebrate Greenways
Celebrate Life By Bicycle
Celebrate Rail-Trails
Celebrate Trails
Celebrate The Wild
Change The World—One Ride At A Time
Change The World—Ride A Bike
Change The World—Ride A Horse
Change The World—Take A Hike
Chase Your Destiny
Chase Your Dreams
Cheers To Greenways
Cheers To Rail-Trails
Cheers To Trails
Choose To Be Free
Choose Your Own Adventure
Choose Your Path And Forge Ahead
Citizen Cyclist
Climb Every Mountain
Climb More—Worry Less
Climb On
Close The Gaps
Closer To Wild
Closure Isn’t The Answer
Come Get Dirty
Come Out And Play
Come Ride With Us
Commit To Quality Trails
Commute With Pedal Power
Complete The Greenway
Complete The Rail-Trail
Complete The Trail
Connect To Your World
Conquer Your Mountain
Cotton Kills
Count The Views—Not The Miles
Cowboy Up
Cowgirl Up
Crank It Up
Cruise Control
Crush The Climb!
Cycle Cool
Cycle Everywhere
Cycle Faster—I Hear Banjo Music
Cycle For The Health Of It
Cycle For Peace
Cycle It!
Cycle Love
Cycle More—Drive Less
Cycle More—Worry Less
Cycle Naked
Cycle Nerds Are Sexy
Cycle On
Cycle Smart
Cycle Strong
Cycle The City
Cycle Wild
Cycling Forever – Freedom Forever
Cycling Gets Me Places!
Cycling: Pain Now—Beer Later
Cycling Is More Than Just Bikes
Destinations Known and Unknown On My Mind
Dirt Is Good
Dirt Magic
Disconnect To Reconnect
Discover Freedom
Ditch The Suit
Dive Into Nature!
Do Green Things
Do It.
Do No Harm
Do Some Good
Do Things With Passion
Do What Moves You
Do What You Dream!
Do What You Love
Do What’s Natural
Does This Bike Make My Ass Look Fast
Don’t Be That Guy
Don’t Crack Under Pressure
Don’t Die Out There
Don’t Fence Me In
Don’t Follow
Don’t Follow Me-You Won’t Make It
Don’t Honk! I’m Peddling As Fast As I Can
Don’t Postpone Joy
Don’t Screw With Nature
Don’t Settle For Slow
Don’t Thump Your Melon. Wear A Helmet.
Down By The River
Down To Fun
Down To Ride
Dream Big. Then Go.
Dream It.
Dream It. Bike It.
Dream It. Cycle It.
Dream It. Hike It.
Dream It. Paddle It.
Dream It. Ride It.
Dream. Ride. Explore.
Dreaming Of Summer Fun
Drink It In.
Drive Less—Bike More
Drive With Care
Drop Back Into Nature
Earth Day—Every Day
Eat, Sleep, Bike, Repeat
Eat, Sleep, Cycle, Repeat
Eat, Sleep, Hike, Repeat
Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat
Eat Smart—Move More
Eat To Ride—Ride To Eat
Elevate Your Senses
Elevated By Nature
Embrace Who You Are
Embrace Your Wild Side
Endure & Enjoy
Energize Your Lifestyle
Enjoy Life
Enjoy Outdoors
Enjoy The Commute
Enjoy The Day
Enjoy The Journey
Enjoy The Journey Ahead
Enjoy The Little Things
Enjoy The Outdoors
Enjoy The Ride
Environment Is Everything
Escape. Explore. Engage.
Escape The Indoors
Every Adventure Has Its Rewards
Every Day Has Its Ups And Downs
Every Day Is A Good Day When You Bike
Every Day Is A Good Day When You Cycle
Every Day Is A Good Day When You Hike
Every Day Is A Good Day When You Paddle
Every Day Is A Good Day When You Ride
Every Day Is An Adventure
Every Day Is Ride Day
Every Path Has Some Puddles
Every Season Is Trail Season
Every Single Day
Every Greenway
Every Rail-Trail
Every Trail
Every Trail Connects
Everything You Carry Should Be Light
Everything’s Connected
Exceed Your Limits
Expect More
Experience. Explore. Thrive.
Experience It
Experience Nature’s Calming Embrace
Experience The Simple Life
Experience The Wild
Explore Beyond
Explore Like Never Before
Explore Local
Explore More
Explore New Terrain
Explore The Natural World
Explore The Path Less Traveled
Explore The Road Less Traveled
Explore The Trail Less Traveled
Explore The Unbeaten Path
Explore The Wild
Fear Less
Feel It.
Feel The Flow
Feel The Trail
Fight Smog—Ride A Horse
Find Inspiration Around Every Turn
Find Your Adventure
Find Your Edge
Find Your Greenway
Find Your Outdoors
Find Your Pace
Find Your Place
Find Your Rail-Trail
Find Your Trail
Find Your Tribe
Find Yourself Along The Way
Find Yourself In Nature
Find Yourself In The Middle Of Nowhere
Find Yourself…On A Bicycle
Find Yourself…On A Greenway
Find Yourself…On A Rail-Trail
Find Yourself…On A Trail
Find Yourself…On The Palmetto Trail
Find Your Bearings In The Wild
Finish What You Start
Fit To Live
Fit To Trek
Focus on the Ride
Follow Me To…
Follow Me To Adventure
Follow Me To The Forest
Follow Me To The Greenway
Follow Me To The Trail
Follow The Leader
Follow The Rules
Follow The Sun
Follow The Trail Or Make Your Own
Follow Your Feet
Follow Your Heart
For Life
For The Good Of All
Force Of Nature
Forests Forever
Forge Ahead
Forward Motion
Found It
Four Wheels Move The Body—Two Wheels Move The Soul
Free Range Human
Free Your Soil
Free Your Soul
Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive
Friends Matter
Full Of Wildness
Fun First
Future Biker
Future Hiker
Future Paddler
Future Rider
Garbage Kills Bears
Gear Up. Get Out.
Generation Active
Get Away
Get Away Together
Get Back To Nature
Get Back To The Trail
Get Dirty
Get Grounded
Get Into The Wild
Get Lost
Get Lost In Your Adventure
Get Moving
Get Muddy! Stay On The Trail
Get On A Greenway
Get On A Rail-Trail
Get On A Trail
Get Out & Bike
Get Out & Cycle
Get Out & Hike
Get Out & Live
Get Out & Paddle
Get Out & Ride
Get Out, Get Inspired
Get Out More
Get Out Of Town
Get Out There
Get Out While You Can
Get Outside & Play
Get Ready. Get Set… Go
Get Wild
Get Your Head In The Game
Get Your Smokey On
Get Your Tail On A Rail-Trail
Get Your Tail On A Trail
Get Your Tail On The Trail
Get Your West On
Get Your Wildlife On
Getting Wild
Gimme Some Trail
Give A Hoot—Don’t Pollute!
Give Bicyclists 3 Feet When Passing
Give Bikes The Right
Give It All
Give Land A Hand
Give Something Back
Go Again
Go Big
Go Big—Or Go Bigger
Go Big—Or Go Home
Go By Bike
Go By Greenway
Go By Rail-Trail
Go By Trail
Go. Do. Be.
Go Dutch
Go Find It
Go For It
Go Forth, Adventurer
Go Further
Go Getter.
Go Hard
Go Hard, Get Fast
Go Hard Or Go Home
Go Less.
Go Light But Right
Go Long Range
Go Outside And Play
Go Places. Do Things
Go Play Outside
Go Take A Hike
Go The Distance
Go The Distance And Beyond
Go There
Go West
Go Wild
Go Wild, Live Young!
Go Where You Gotta Go
Go Where You Feel Most Alive
Going To The Mountains
Gone Biking
Gone Cycling
Gone Hiking
Gone Paddling
Gone Ridin’
Gone Riding
Gone For A Bike Ride
Gone For A Hike
Gone For a Ride
Good Things Come To Those Who Explore
Got Cycling
Got Mud
Got Trail
Gotta Bike…
Gotta Climb
Gotta Hike…
Gotta Make Some Miles
Gotta Paddle…
Gotta Ride…
Grab Life By The Bars
Grab Your Bike & Go!
Great Minds Think A Hike
Greenway Lover
Greenways Are Great—Let’s Build More!
Greenways Are The Answer
Greenways Bring You Closer To Reaching Your Dream
Greenways Can Unite Us
Greenways Connect Us To The Earth
Greenways Create Community.
Greenways Forever
Greenways Give You Chances To Seek And Explore
Greenways Good
Greenways Matter
Greenways Move People
Greenways Obsessed
Greenways Please
Greenways Rock
Grin In The Great Outdoors
Grip The Moment
Happiness Is A Bike Ride.
Happy Biker
Happy Camper
Happy Hiker
Happy Trails
Happy Trails To You
Harden the Fuck Up
Have An Out Of Car Experience.
Have Fun Out There
Have Less—Live More
Have You Hugged Your Bike Today?
Have You Hugged Your Horse Today?
Have You Hugged Your Kayak Today?
Head For The Mountains
Healthier Places for Healthier People
Heaven Is Closer In The Mountains
Hello Playtime
Help Build The Greenway
Help Build The Rail-Trail
Help Build The Trail
Here We Go.
Hey! Get On A Trail!
Hey Bear
Hike And Seek
Hike Cool
Hike. Eat. Repeat.
Hike Faster—I Hear Banjo Music
Hike For The Health Of It
Hike For Peace
Hike In Harmony
Hike It!
Hike It Baby
Hike It Forward
Hike It In—Hike It Out
Hike It Out
Hike – Life Is Better At The Top
Hike Like A Local
Hike More—Worry Less
Hike Naked
Hike Naked – It Adds Color To Your Cheeks
Hike On
Hike Smart
Hike Strong
Hike Wild
Hike Your Own Hike
Hiked It – Liked It
Hiker Friendly
Hiker Life
Hiker Trash
Hikers Gonna Hike
Hikers Welcome
Hiking—Cheaper Than Therapy
Hiking Forever – Freedom Forever
Hiking Makes Life Better
Hiking Makes Us Human
Hiking – Mother Nature’s Miracle Medicine
Hiking The Dream
Hill Yeah
Hit It, Don’t Quit It
Hit The Greenway
Hit The Rail-Trail
Hit The Road
Hit The Trail
Honk If You Love Bicycles!
Honk If You Love Bikes!
Honk If You Love Horses!
Honor Your Path
Hoof Beats – My Favorite Music
Hoot, Holler, Sweat, Pucker, And Smile
Horse Lovers Are Stable People
How Far Will You Go To Get Outside?
I Am Happiness
I Bike, I Hike, I Vote
I Bike, I Vote
I Biked It
I Brake For People
I Brake For Greenway Crossings
I Brake For Rail-Trail Crossings
I Brake For Trail Crossings
I Don’t Need Therapy, I Just Need To Go Biking
I Don’t Need Therapy I Just Need To Go Cycling
I Don’t Need Therapy I Just Need To Go Hiking
I Don’t Need Therapy I Just Need To Go Paddling
I Don’t Need Therapy I Just Need To Go Riding
I Freakin Love Mountain Biking – Just Sayin
I Get Political For Greenways
I Get Political For Rail-Trails
I Get Political For Trails
I Give 3 Feet—It’s The Law
I Go Outside
I Have OCD—Obsessive Cycling Disorder
I Have To Many Bicycle—Said No Bicyclist Ever
I Heart Bicycling
I Heart Cycling
I Heart Greenways
I Heart Hiking
I Heart Mountains
I Heart Paddling
I Heart Rail-Trails
I Heart Riding
I Heart Trails
I Hike For The Views
I Hike, I Vote
I Hiked It
I Hike The Entire Width Of The Appalachian Trail.
I Know I Bike Like A Girl—Try To Keep Up
I Like Greenways
I Like To Cycle
I Like To Bike
I Like To Hike
I Like To Paddle
I Like To Ride
I Like Greenways
I Like Rail-Trails
I Like Trails
I Look For Bikes
I Love Adventure
I Love Bicycling
I Love Greenways
I Love Hiking
I Love Mountains
I Love My Bike
I Love Paddling
I Love Rail-Trails
I Love Riding
I Love Trails
I Love Our Public Lands
I Paddled It
I Play Dirty
I Ride, I Vote
I Rode It
I Share The Road
I Speak Greenways
I Speak Rail-Trails
I Speak Trails
I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good
I Support Greenways
I Support Rail-Trails
I Support Trails
I Survived the …….
I Use Greenways & I Vote
I Use Rail-Trails & I Vote
I Use Trails & I Vote
I Vote For Greenways
I Vote For Rail-Trails
I Vote For Trails
I Vote For Urban Parks
I Wish To Speak A Word For Nature   —Thoreau
I’d Cycle That
I’d Bike That
I’d Hike That
I’d Rather Be Climbing
I’d Rather Be Biking
I’d Rather Be Cycling
I’d Rather Be Hiking
I’d Rather Be In The Mountains
I’d Rather Be Lost In The Woods Than Found In The City
I’d Rather Be Mountain Biking
I’d Rather Be On A Greenway
I’d Rather Be On A Rail-Trail
I’d Rather Be On A Trail
I’d Rather Be Paddling
I’d Rather Be Riding
I’d Rather Be Riding My ATV
I’d Rather Be Riding My Bicycle
I’d Rather Be Riding My Horse
I’d Rather Be Riding My Dirt Bike
I’d Turn Back if I Were You
I’m A Foot Soldier For Greenways
I’m A Foot Soldier For Rail-Trails
I’m A Foot Soldier For Trails
I’m A Happy Camper
I’m An Anti-Nuke Bicyclist—What Kind Are YOU?
I’m High On Nature
I’m Hot For Greenways
I’m Hot For Rail-Trails
I’m Hot For Trails
I’m Not Lost—I’m Exploring
If I Didn’t Own A Horse This Would Be A Mini-Cooper
If I Had Biked Today, This Parking Spot Would Be Yours
If On Wheels Yield To Pedestrians
If You Can’t Break Your Machine At Least Break The Rules
If You Do It Right, One Life Is Plenty
If You Were Riding, You’d Be Happy Now.
If You’re Not Lost You’re Not Much Of An Explorer
Ignite Your Adventure
In Greenways We Trust
In Mountains We Trust
In Greenways We Trust
In Rail-Trails We Trust
In Trails We Trust
In Wilderness
Inspired To Ride
Irritability Means Too Much On Your Mind And Not Enough Bike Riding
Is It The Weekend Yet?
It Only Takes A Moment To Make A Moment
It Runs In The Family
It Starts on Greenways
It Starts on Rail-Trails
It Starts on Trails
It’s A Journey
It’s A Beautiful Journey
It’s A Wilderness Out There
It’s About The People
It’s All About The Bike
It’s All About The Ride
It’s All For Health’s Sake
It’s Always Play Time
It’s Better To Be Riding A Bicycle And Thinking About God, Than Sitting In Church And Thinking About Bicycling.
It’s Downhill All The Way To The Top!
It’s Go Time
It’s Just A Hill … Get Over It!
It’s My Greenway
It’s My Rail-Trail
It’s My Trail
It’s Not A Trail. It’s An Escape Route.
It’s Not A Slow Car, It’s A Fast House.
It’s Not About The Miles, It’s About The Smiles
It’s Not Just a Bike—It’s An Agent Of Change
It’s Not The Years, But The Miles Yet To Bike
It’s Not The Years, But The Miles Yet To Cycle
It’s Not The Years, But The Miles Yet To Hike
It’s Not The Years, But The Miles Yet To Paddle
It’s Not The Years, But The Miles Yet To Ride
It’s Not Where You Go But Who You Go With
It’s The Journey
It’s The Ride
It’s The Ride That Matters
It’s Time
It’s Time To Bike!
It’s Time To Hike!
It’s Time To Ride!
It’s Time To Roam
It’s Wild Out There.
It’s Your Planet, Feel Free To Explore.
Join The Fun!
Join The Journey
Journey On
Jump In!
Just Bike
Just Bring Your Bike
Just Go
Just Hike
Just Open Your  Door
Just Paddle
Just Ride
Keep Biking
Keep Biking America
Keep Calm And Bicycle On
Keep Calm And Bike On
Keep Calm And Carry On
Keep Calm And Cycle On
Keep Calm And Explore On
Keep Calm And Hike On
Keep Calm And Paddle On
Keep Calm And Pedal On
Keep Calm And Ride One
Keep Cycling
Keep Earth Wild
Keep Getting After It
Keep Good Company
Keep Hiking
Keep Hiking America
Keep It Grand
Keep It Simple
Keep It Wild
Keep Life Simple—Go Biking
Keep Life Simple—Go Hiking
Keep Life Simple—Go Paddling
Keep Life Simple—Go Riding
Keep Moving
Keep On Bikin’
Keep Paddling
Keep Paddling America
Keep Pedaling
Keep Pedaling America
Keep Riding
Keep Riding America
Keep Single Track Single
Keep Spinning
Keep The Dreamer Alive!
Keep The Greenway Beautiful
Keep The Ride Alive
Keep The Rubber Side Down
Keep The Trail Beautiful
Keep The Wheels Turning
Keep Walking
Keep Walking America
Kids Grow Better Outside
Knot Now! I’m Going Climbing
Know Before You Go
Know No Bounds
Know You Can
Knowing Is Better Than Not Knowing
Laying Down Miles
Lazy Hiker
Lead The Way
Leave It Better
Leave Only Boot Prints
Leave Only Foot Prints
Leave Ordinary Behind
Leaving Town? Take A Developer With You.
Leaving Your Mark Is Overrated
Let It Go
Let Nature Be Your Teacher
Let The Moments Begin.
Let Yourself Go
Let’s Go
Let’s Bike
Let’s Blaze A Trail
Let’s Camp
Let’s Change The World Together
Let’s Cycle
Let’s Do It
Let’s Do This
Let’s Get Lost
Let’s Get Outside
Let’s Get Things Done. Together.
Let’s Go Biking
Let’s Go Cycling
Let’s Go Exploring
Let’s Go Outside
Let’s Go Paddling
Let’s Go Places
Let’s Go Riding
Let’s Go For A Hike
Let’s Go For A Ride
Let’s Go For A Run
Let’s Hike
Let’s Hit The Greenway
Let’s Hit The Road
Let’s Hit The Trail
Let’s Not Meet By Accident
Let’s Ride
Life At Bike Speed
Life Begins Where The Trail Ends
Life Behind Bars
Life Is A Bicycle—If You Stop Pedaling You’ll Fall Off
Life Is Always Better When I Bike
Life Is Always Better When I Hike
Life Is Always Better When I Paddle
Life Is Always Better When I Ride
Life Is Better At The Campsite
Life Is Better In The Mountains
Life Is Better On a Bike
Life Is Better On A Greenway
Life Is Better On A Horse
Life Is Better On A Rail-Trail
Life Is Better On A Trail
Life Is Good
Life Is Great. Greenways Make It Better.
Life Is Great. Rail-Trails Make It Better.
Life Is Great. Trails Make It Better.
Life Is Movement
Live Is Short
Life Is Short—Hike Slow
Life Is Short—Ride Long
Life Is Simple
Life Is Simple. Eat, Sleep, Bike
Life Is Simple, Eat, Sleep, Cycle
Life Is Simple. Eat, Sleep, Hike
Life Is Simple. Eat, Sleep, Paddle
Life Is Simple. Eat, Sleep, Ride
Life Is Sweet
Life Is To Short Not To Bike
Life Is To Short Not To Cycle
Life Is To Short Not To Hike
Life Is To Short Not To Paddle
Life Is To Short Not To Ride
Life. It Is What It Is
Life. On Your Terms
Life Outdoors Is A Life Well Lived
Life Outside
Life Well Lived
Life’s A Beautiful Ride
Life’s A Climb But The View Is Great
Life’s A River—Go With The Flow
Life’s An Adventure—Follow It
Life’s Just Better On A Bike
Life’s Just Better On A Greenway
Life’s Just Better On A Horse
Life’s Just Better On A Rail-Trail
Life’s Just Better On A Trail
Life’s Just Better With A Dog
Lighten Up
Lighten Up & Live
Listen For The Call Of The Wild
Listen To The Earth
Listen To The Lorax
Live Awesome
Live Big
Live. Bike. Repeat.
Live Bold
Live Bravely
Live, Breathe, Bike
Live, Breathe, Hike
Live, Breathe, Paddle
Live, Breath, Ride
Live. Cycle. Repeat.
Live Fearless
Live Fierce
Live For Greatness
Live. Hike. Repeat.
Live Hot
Live It
Live… Laugh… Bike
Live… Laugh… Cycle
Live… Laugh… Hike
Live… Laugh… Paddle
Live… Laugh… Ride
Live Life—Get Outdoors
Live Life In The Bike Lane
Live Life Outside
Live Long. Drop Dead.
Live, Love, Bike
Live, Love, Cycle
Live, Love, Hike
Live, Love, Paddle
Live, Love, Ride
Live Outside and Play
Live Outwardly
Live. Paddle. Repeat.
Live. Ride. Repeat.
Live. Run. Repeat.
Live The Active Life
Live The Adventure
Live The Life
Live The Moment
Live The Ride
Live To Bike—Bike To Live
Live To Hike—Hike To Live
Live To Ride—Ride To Live
Live. Trek. Repeat.
Live Well
Live What You Love
Live Without Limits
Live Your Adventure
Live Your Passion
Long Live Cowgirls
Long Sweet Ride
Look To Nature
Lost And Loving It
Loud Pipes Risk Rights
Love, Cherish, Protect Our Greenways
Love, Cherish, Protect Our Mountains
Love, Cherish, Protect Our Trails
Love Is The Greatest Adventure
Love The Outdoors
Love The Ride
Love They Nature
Love Thy Nature
Love What You Ride
Love Where You Live, Defend What You Love
Love Your Path
Love Your Greenway
Love Your Mother
Love Your Rail-Trail
Love Your Trail
Make America Green Again
Make An Impact
Make Every Day Trail Day.
Make Greenways Happen
Make Hiking Great Again
Make It Your Own
Make Room For Bicycles
Make Room For Bikes
Make Time To Reconnect
Make Your Adventures Legendary
Make Your Escape
Make Your Mark
Make Your Own Path
Make Your Way Out
May The Forest Be With You
May The Horse Be With You
Meat Less. Bike More.
Memories Start Here
Mend Your Fuelish Ways
More Fools—More Rules
More Than A Joy Ride
More Smiles Per Mile
Motorists Will Smile, If You Ride Single File
Mountain Life
Mountain Strong
Mountains Are My Therapy
Mountains Please
Mountains Speak—Wise Men Listen
Move On
Muscle Powered
My Happy Place Is In The Mountains
My Happy Place Is On A Greenway
My Happy Place Is On A Rail-Trail
My Happy Place Is On A River
My Happy Place Is On A Trail
My Other Car Is A Bicycle
My Other Car Is A Bike
My Other Car Is A Hiking Pole
My Other Car Is A Horse
My Other Car Is A Kayak
My Other Car Is A Pair Of Boots
My Other Car Is Hiking Boots
My Ride Makes My Style
Nation Of Travelers
Nature Bats Last
Nature Can Be A Mother
Nature Can Unite Us
Nature Doesn’t Judge You.
Nature Every Day
Nature Follows Its Own Rules
Nature Has Something To Tell You
Nature Heals
Nature Is Calling
Nature Is Home
Nature Is Medicine
Nature Is My Medicine
Nature Is The Answer
Nature Is Waiting For You
Nature Lover
Nature Restores Us
Nature Rocks
Nature Rules!
Nature Saves Lives
Nature Smart
Nature Swagger
Nature Unites Us
Nature Wants You Back.
Nature’s Calling
Need A Break—Get On A Greenway
Need A Break—Get On A Rail-Trail
Need A Break—Get On A Trail
Need For Speed
Never A Bad Time To Bike
Never A Bad Time To Cycle
Never A Bad Time To Hike
Never A Bad Time To Paddle
Never A Bad Time To Ride
Never Forget The Pleasure Of The Journey
Never Give Up
Never Never Never Give Up
Never Not Biking
Never Not Hiking
Never Not Riding
Never Not Paddling
Never Stop Biking
Never Stop Cycling
Never Stop Discovering
Never Stop Hiking
Never Stop Paddling
Never Stop Playing
Never Stop Riding
No Better Feeling.
No Limits
No Rain, No Pain, No Maine
No Shortcuts
Nope, Not Today
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
Not Every Ride Is A Race
Not Lost, Just On The Path Less Pedaled
Nothing Beats A Greenway
Nothing Beats A Rail-Trail
Nothing Beats A Trail
Nothing Feels As Free As Cycling
Nurture Our Nature
Nurture Your Nature
Oh, The Places You’ll Bike!
Oh, The Places You’ll Hike!
Oh, The Places You’ll Ride!
Oh What Fun It Is to Ride
Oh Yeah
On The Greenway, Again
On The Move
On The Road, Again
On The Rail-Trail, Again
On The Trail, Again
One Less Car
One Life—Live It
One More Mile
One Obsession
One With Dirt
One World—Two Wheels
Only You Can Prevent Wildfires
Open Up To Freedom
Otium Sanctum
Our Favorite Time
Our Wild
Out Here
Out In Nature
Out Of Office
Out On A Greenway
Out On A Rail-Trail
Out On A Trail
Outdoor Access For All
Outdoor Adventures
Outdoors For All
Outrun Boring
Outside Good
Outside Is Co-loved And Co-ed
Outside Is Everyone’s
Outside Is Fun Again
Outside Is Free
Outside With Pride
Pack Animal
Pack Life With Good Memories
Paddle Faster—I Can Hear A Pig Squealing
Paddle Faster—I Hear Banjo Music
Paddle It
Paddle More—Worry Less
Paddle On
Paddle Strong
Paddle Your Own Canoe
Paddling Forever – Freedom Forever
Pain Happens. Suffering Is Optional.
Pain Is Temporary
Pass With Care
Pavement Ends
Peace, Love & Fresh Air
Peace, Love, Bikes
Peace, Love, Greenways
Peace, Love, Horses
Peace, Love, Mountains
Peace, Love, Rail-Trails
Peace, Love, Trails
Peace On Dirt
Pedal Damn It
Pedal Hard, Go Fast, Don’t Crash
Pedal Like You Stole It!
Pedal Power
People Need Nature.
Pick Your Line
Play Dirty
Play Hard
Play In Nature
Play In The Dirt
Play In The Moment
Play Nice
Play Now
Play Outside More
Please Be Kind—Share The Road With Bicycles
Power Of Nature
Power To The Pedal
Powered By Nature
Praise God—Ride Hard
Prepare To Bike
Prepare To Hike
Prepare To Paddle
Prepare To Ride
Preserve And Protect
Protect Nature
Protect Our Paddle Friendly Waters
Protect The Places You Love
Protect This Greenway
Protect This Rail-Trail
Protect This Trail
Protect Your Greenway
Protect Your Paddle Friendly Waters
Protect Your Rail-Trail
Protect Your Trail
Protect Your Wild Spirit
Public Lands Are In Your Hands
Public Lands Belong To All Of Us
Public Lands For All
Pump Up The Volume
Pure Grit
Pursue Your Thrill
Push Harder. Go Faster.
Put Some Fun Between Your Legs
Put Yourself Here…
Put Yourself Out There
Question Everything
Rail-Trail Lover
Rail-Trails Are Great—Let’s Build More!
Rail-Trails Are The Answer
Rail-Trails Can Unite Us
Rail-Trails Connect Us To The Earth
Rail-Trails Create Community.
Rail-Trails Forever
Rail-Trails Good
Rail-Trails Move People
Ready, Set, Bike
Ready, Set, Hike
Ready, Set, Ride
Ready, Set, Roam
Ready To Get Outside?
Ready To Ride
Ready To Roll
Real Work Smells Like Dirt
Recreate Responsibly
Rediscover Bicycling
Relax, Dude
Relax—You’re On The (insert name) Greenway
Relax—You’re On The (insert name) Trail
Relax—You’re On The Right Path
Release Yourself Back Into The Wild.
Remember The Thrill
Respected Is Open Access
Rest From Stress
Rest, Relax, Restore
Ride A Bike
Ride A Horse
Ride Cool
Ride Daily
Ride Dirt Not Mud
Ride. Eat. Repeat.
Ride Farther. Ride Together.
Ride For Peace
Ride Hard
Ride In The Moment
Ride It!
Ride It All
Ride It Out
Ride Life
Ride Like A Local
Ride Long
Ride Lots
Ride More—Worry Less
Ride Of Your Life
Ride On
Ride On Designated Routes
Ride On Designated Trails
Ride Recumbent Or Ride In Pain!!!
Ride, Run, Play
Ride Smart
Ride Strong
Ride The Trail
Ride The Trails
Ride There
Ride Til I Die
Ride To Eat. Eat To Ride.
Ride To Where You Ride
Ride Well, Ridge Strong
Ride Wild
Ride With Friends
Ride With Us
Ride Your City
Ride Your Damn Bike
Ride Your Way
Ride’em Cowgirl
Rider Friendly
Riding Forever—Freedom Forever
Riding The Dream
Right To Roam
Rivers Are For Paddles···Not Poop
Road Life
Roam Sweet Roam
Roar Back
Roll On, Goal Getter
Rough Country
Rough Stuff
Rule One: Don’t Panic
Rule The Ride
Run The Greenways
Run The Rail-Trails
Run The Trails
RV There Yet?
Safety First—Fun Always
Same Roads. Same Rights. Same Rules
Save a Horse—Ride A Cowboy
Save Gas—Ride A Horse
Save Our Common Ground
Save Our Greenways
Save Our Last Wild Places!
Save Our Rivers
Save Our Rail-Trails
Save Our Trails
Save Our Wetlands
Save Our Wilderness
Save The Experience
Save The Wilderness
Say Yes To New Adventures
Scoop the Poop
Screw It
See America By Bike
See America First
See Bicycles
See It As It Is—Leave It As It Was
See – Try – Learn
See You Down The Trail
See You Out There
Seek Adventure
Set Yourself Free
Share It
Share The Greenway
Share The Love
Share the Magic Of The Greenway
Share the Magic Of The Trail
Share The Love
Share The Road
Share The Roads—Same Roads – Same Rights – Same Rules
Share The Rail-Trail
Share The Trail
Share The Wealth… Share The Greenway!
Share The Wealth… Share The Rail-Trail!
Share The Wealth… Share The Trail!
Shared Adventures Last A Lifetime
Shift Gears
Shut Up And Ride
Shut Up Legs—Keep On Pedaling
Sit On Your Butt And Do Something
Slow & Say Hello
Slow Roads—Save Lives
Smile At Nature’s Wonders
Smile More—Ride A Bike
Smile More—Ride A Horse
Smokey Says: Keep It Green
Solo Today. Together Tomorrow.
Some Grandmas Knit, Real Grandma’s Go Biking
Some Grandmas Knit, Real Grandma’s Go Cycling
Some Grandmas Knit, Real Grandma’s Go Hiking
Some Grandmas Knit, Real Grandma’s Go Paddling
Some Grandmas Knit, Real Grandma’s Go Riding
Sometimes Discovery Starts With A Path.
Sometimes Life Is In-Tents
Sorry, I’m Out Playing
Speak Out For Greenways
Speak Out For Rail-Trails
Speak Out For Trails
Spirit Of The Woods
Spokes Woman
Spread Good Trail Vibes
Spread the Joy of Bikes
Spread the Joy of Biking
Spread the Joy of Cycling
Spread the Joy of Greenways
Spread the Joy of Hiking
Spread the Joy of Paddling
Spread the Joy of Rail-Trails
Spread the Joy of Riding
Spread the Joy of Trails
Stand With Nature
Start Seeing Bicycles
Start Small, Start Local, But Start.
Start Your Journey
Stay On Your Path
Stay Out Longer
Stay Vigilant
Stay Wild
Still Your Ride
Strive Not To Drive
Stupid Hurts
Stupid Ought To Hurt
Suck It Up Buttercup
Summit Fever Is Contagious
Support Public Lands
Support Search And Rescue … Get Lost!
Support What You Love
Survival Of The Fattest
Survival Of The Fittest
Sweaty, Dirty, Happy
Take A Hike
Take A Stand
Take Back The Trails!
Take Back Your Trails!
Take Boulder Steps
Take It Easy
Take It Outside!
Take Me Out
Take Me To The Mountains
Take Nothing But Pictures, Kill Nothing But Time
Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But Footprints
Take On Today
Take Only Pictures—Leave Only Footprints
Take The First Step
Take The Lead
Take The Road Less Traveled
Take The Road Never Traveled
Take The Trail Less Traveled
Take The Trail Never Traveled
Take The Scenic Route
Take To The Greenway
Take To The Rail-Trail
Take To The Trail
Together We Area A Force.
The Adventure Continues
The AT Ruined My Life
The Best Memories Are Earned
The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Help Create It
The Bicycle—The SUV of the 21st Century
The Bicycle—The World’s Clean Machine
The Direction is the Destination
The Forest Belongs to Every Living Thing
The Future is Outdoors
The Future is Outside
The Good Days Are Made
The Great Outdoors
The Greenway Begins Here
The Greenway Is Calling
The Greenway Is My Happy Place
The Journey Is The Destination
The Meaning Of Life Is To Live It
The More Nature The Better
The Mountains Are Calling
The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go
The Mountains Are My Happy Place
The Open Road Beckons.
The Outdoors Is Calling You
The Outside Is Calling
The Path
The Places You’ll Go
The Pursuit Of Nothingness
The Rail-Trail Begins Here
The Rail-Trail Is Calling
The Rail-Trail Is My Happy Place
The River Is My Happy Place
The Road Is Calling
The Solution is to Ride, and Ride Often
The Trail Begins Here
The Trail Is Any Place Adventure Takes You.
The Trail Is Calling
The Trail Is My Happy Place
The Unbeaten Path
The Wild Is Waiting
There’s Always More To Discover.
Things Roll Better On A Fat Bike
Think Bicycle Safety
Think Bike
Think Outside
Think Outside (You Don’t Need A Box)
Think Outside The Car
This Ain’t My First Rodeo
This Is How I Roll
This Is My Greenway
This Is My Path
This Is My Rail-Trail
This Is My Trail
This Is The Life
This Is Your Brain On Nature
This Land Is Your Land
Thirst For Adventure
Those Who Dream The Most Do The Most
Thou Shalt Not Panic
Thrill Seekers
Thru-Hiker On Board
Time Enough In This Life Or Next
Time To Bike
Time To Hike
Time To Paddle
Time To Ride
Time To Talk Trash
To The Woods
Today Is A Good Day To Bike
Today Is A Good Day To Cycle
Today Is A Good Day To Hike
Today Is A Good Day To Paddle
Today Is A Good Day To Ride
Today Only Happens Once
To-Do List: Try New Greenways
To-Do List: Try New Rail-Trails
To-Do List: Try New Trails
Together We Ride
Topo The Mornin’ To You
Touch The Earth
Trail Boss
Trail Dude
Trail Fit
Trail Karma
Trail Life
Trail Love
Trail Lover
Trail Magic
Trail Man
Trail Maniac
Trail Mon
Trail Nerd
Trail Obsessed
Trail Princess
Trail Quality Matters
Trail Smart
Trail Voodoo
Trail Wisdom
Trail Wizard
Trail Woman
Trails Are Great—Let’s Build More!
Trails Are Great Places to Share!
Trails Are The Answer
Trails Bring You Closer To Reaching Your Dream
Trails Can Unite Us
Trails Connect Everyone, Everywhere
Trails Connect Us To The Earth
Trails Create Community.
Trails Don’t Blaze Themselves
Trails Forever
Trails Give You Chances To Seek And Explore
Trails Good
Trails Lover
Trails Matter
Trails Move People
Trails Please
Trails Rock
Trails Save Nature And People, Too.
Trails To Adventure
Tread Light
Tread Lighter
Tread Lightly!
Trees Are The Answer
Treehugging Dirt Worshipper
True To The Trail
Trust Nature
Trust Thy Feet
TV Sucks—Ride A Bike
Two Wheels Can Help You Make Memories Of A Lifetime
Two Wheels—No Rules
Unfind Yourself
United Outside
United We Trail
Unpack Adventure
Unplug and Reconnect With Nature
Unplug. Reboot. Come & Play
Up And At ’Em
Up Shit Creek
Van Life
Viva Volunteers
Voodoo Ranger
Wag More—Bark Less
Wake Up In A Dream
Walk Boldly In The Direction Of Your Dreams
Walk By Faith
Walk In Balance
Walk In Harmony
Walk In Beauty
Walk Into Beauty
Walk It Off
Walk – Just For The Health Of It
Walk Lightly
Walk Lightly On The Earth
Walk Lightly On The Land
Walk On The Wild Side
Walk The Talk
Walk There
Walk This Way
Walk With Gratitude
Walk With Laughter
Walk With Nature
Walk With Purpose
Wander Here
Wander More—Worry Less
Wander Often—Wonder Always
Wander With Purpose
Wanna Get Dirty
Wanna Go Biking
Wanna Go Camping
Wanna Go Cycling
Wanna Go Hiking
Wanna Go Riding
Want Nothing More.
Was Lost—Now I’m Found
Watch For Bicycles
Watch For Me
Watch Your Step
Water Is Life
We Are All Explorers
We Are Not Blocking Traffic, We Are Traffic.
We Bike
We Don’t Block Traffic—We Are Traffic
We Don’t Block Traffic—We Open Minds
We Find Our Path By Walking It
We Hike
We Love Bikes
We Love Greenways
We Love Rail-Trails
We Love The Outdoors
We Love Trails
We Need Bike Lanes
We Need Greenways
We Need Outdoors
We Need Sidewalks
We Need Rail-Trails
We Need Trails
We Paddle
We Ride
We Save Greenways
We Save Land
We Save Trails
Wear A Helmet
Weight It All
Welcome To Nature
Welcome To The Open
We’re On This Road Together
What Can One Person Do?
What Happens In The Mountains Stays In The Mountains
What Is Your True North?
What Motivates You
Whatever Happens—Don’t Panic
What’s On Your Adventure Bucket List
Wheel Time
Wheels Yield To Heels
Whenever. Wherever.
Where Am I?
Where Can A Greenway Lead You?
Where Can A Rail-Trail Lead You?
Where Can A Trail Lead You?
Where Heart Meets Hard Work
Where The Road Ends, Adventure Begins.
Where To?
Where To Next?
Where Will You Go
Where Will Your Adventure Lead You?
Wherever You Go
Whole Lotta Sun — Whole Lotta Fun
Wild And Wonderful
Wild At Heart
Wild By Nature
Wilderness Indefinitely
Wilderness Lover
Wilderness Is For Everyone
Wildness Is Out There
Will You Come Out With Me
Without Thinking I Travel This Longer Road
Without Thinking I Travel This Longer Trail
Work Hard, Play Harder.
Work To Eat. Eat To Live. Live To Bike. Bike To Work.
Work Sucks. Go Biking.
Work Sucks. Go Hiking.
Work Sucks. Go Paddling.
Work Sucks. Go Riding.
Working For Greenways
Working For Trails
Working For Wilderness
Yay! Backpacking!
Yay! Bikes!
Yay! Biking!
Yay! Camping!
Yay! Canoeing!
Yay! Climbing!
Yay! Cycling!
Yay! Cyclists!
Yay! Hiking!
Yay! Kayaking!
Yay! Paddling!
Yay! Riding!
Year Of The Greenway
Year Of The Rail-Trail
Year Of The Trail
Year Are Enough
You Are Not In The Mountains: The Mountains Are In You
You Belong Out Here
You Can Always Dig Deeper.
You Can Do This!
You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy A Bicycle And That’s Pretty Close
You Can’t Fix Stupid
You Don’t Always Need A Plan—Just Go
You Got This!
You Had Me At Bicycle
You Just Got Passed By A Girl
You Need Trails. Trails Need You.
You Ready?
You’d Look Hotter in a Helmet
Your Adventure Awaits
Your Path Is Before You
Your Path Starts Here
Your Ride, Your Rules
Your Story Matters

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