Trail Acronyms

Monkey-on-Bicycle-2010An acronym is a word formed from the initial letter of a group of connected words e.g. BRAG, TOSRV, and is pronounced as a word, while initialism is an abbreviation containing initial letters that are pronounced separately e.g. ATM, RAC.

The following list of 1,416 (updated March 7, 2019) commonly used acronyms and abbreviations can assist trails and greenway managers and advocates decipher the “alphabet soup” of trail development.

100MW 100 Mile Wilderness (Stretch of Appalachian Trail in ME)
21CSC 21st Century Conservation Service Corps
ASS Above Seat Steering (recumbent)
ATM Access & Travel Management
ADP Access Designation Process
APS Accessible Pedestrian Signal
ATMO According To My Opinion
XOBA Across Ohio Bicycle Adventure
ALTN Active Living & Transportation Network
ATP Active Transportation Program (CA)
ADL(s) Activities of Daily Living
ALIVE Activity, Learning, Intimacy, Vitality, and Engagement
AMS Acute Mountain Sickness
AQ Actual Quantities
AEM Adaptive Ecosystem Management
AMC Adirondack Mountain Club (NY)
Admin Administrative
AR Administrative Record
AAT Adopt-a-Trail
ABC Advance Base Camp
APT Advanced Performance Technology
ACA Adventure Cycling Association
ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
AUV Agricultural Utility Vehicle
ADY Ain’t Dead Yet
ATWA Air, Trees, Water, and Animals
ABCDE Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure
ASC Albuquerque Service Center (US Forest Service)
AVPU Alert, Verbal, Painful, Unresponsive
APT All Purpose Trail
ATB All Terrain Bicycle
ATV All Terrain Vehicle
AVACS All Valves Adjustable Connecting Systems (on bicycle pump)
AYCE All You Can Eat (All You Care to Eat)
ATA Allegheny Trail Alliance (PA)
AVTA Allegheny Valley Trails Association (PA)
AHC Allentown Hiking Club (PA)
AKA Also Known As
ATV Alter-the-Terrain Vehicle
ASB Alternative Spring Break
ATPPL Alternative Transportation in Parks and Public Lands (Funding)
ABLA Amateur Bicycle League of America
AGO America’s Great Outdoors (initiative)
AARP American Association of Retired Persons
ASSHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ABA American Bicycle Association
ACA American Canoe Association
ACSM American College of Sports Medicine
ACTHA American Competitive Trail Horse Association
ACE American Conservation Experience
ACSA American Council of Snowmobile Associations
ADT American Discovery Trail
AERC American Endurance Riders Conference
AFB American Farm Bureau
AHRI American Heritage Rivers Initiative
AHS American Hiking Society
AHC American Horse Council
AIA American Institute of Architects
AMA American Motorcyclist Association
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AQHA American Quarter Horse Association
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
ARC American Recreation Coalition
ARC American Red Cross
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ASLA American Society of Landscape Architects
ATT American Tobacco Trail (NC)
ATHA American Trail horse Association
AT American Trails
AYH American Youth Hostels (now HI-USA)
ARRA Americans for Responsible Recreation Access
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA/ABAAG Americans with Disabilities Act/Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines
ADAAG Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
ART Anacostia Riverwalk Trail (DC)
ADZ Annual Day Zero (Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off Party)
ADZPCTKO Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off
AFBRAAM Annual Fit-Fest Bike Ride Across America
AWP Annual Work Plan
ALDHA Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association
AMC Appalachian Money Club
AMBC Appalachian Mountain Bike Club
AMC Appalachian Mountain Club
ANST Appalachian National Scenic Trail
ANSTAC Appalachian National Scenic Trail Advisory Council
AT Appalachian Trail
A.T.CAMP Appalachian Trail Camping Availability Management Program
ATC Appalachian Trail Conservancy (formally Conference)
ATJ Appalachian Trail Journeys (ATC membership magazine)
ATLAFO Appalachian Trail Land Acquisition Field Office (Harpers Ferry, WV)
ATPO Appalachian Trail Park Office (Harpers Ferry, WV)
ATPO Appalachian Trail Project Office (Harpers Ferry, WV)
AOP Aquatic Organism Passage
APRA Archaeological Resource Protection Act (US)
ABA Architectural Barriers Act
ABAAS Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standard
ACEC Area of Critical Environmental Concern
APE Area of Potential Effect
ABA Arizona Bicycle Association
ABRA Arizona Bicycle Racing Association
AZT Arizona Trail
AZTA Arizona Trail Association
AM-RAP As Many Rounds As Possible
ASAP As Soon as Possible
AVL Asheville, NC
AoB Asheville on Bikes
ANFT Association of Nature and Forest Therapy
AORE Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
APPL Association of Partners for Public Lands
APBP Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals
ART Attention Restoration Theory
ASI ATV Safety Institute
AED Automated External Defibrillator(s)
AV Autonomous Vehicle
BATONA Back To Nature
BCHA Backcountry Horsemen of America
BUS Backcountry Use System
BBC Baltimore Bicycling Club (MD)
BPW Base Pack Weight
BIKE Be Inclusive Kill Exclusivity
BPM Beats Per Minute (heart rate)
BTDTGITS Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
BC Before Cars
BMP Beginning Measure Point
BOMB Believers on Mountain Bikes
BM Bench Mark
BBM Benefits-Based Management
BMT Benton Mackaye Trail (GA, NC, TN)
BMTA Benton Mackaye Trail Association
BTU Berkeley Trailers’ Union (CA)
BMP Best Management Practices
BUILD Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (Federal grant program)
BAC Bicycle Advisory Committee
BAMA Bicycle Across Magnificent Alabama
BAMMI Bicycle Across the Magnificent Miles of Illinois
BFA Bicycle Friendly America (program of League of American Bicyclists)
BFA Bicycle Friendly Area
BFB Bicycle Friendly Business
BFC Bicycle Friendly Community
BMX Bicycle Motocross (Bicycle Moto Cross)
BPAC Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee
BPSA Bicycle Product Suppliers Association
BRAG Bicycle Ride Across Georgia
BRAN Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska
BSO Bicycle Shaped Object
BTC Bicycle Technical Committee
BTC Bicycle Trails Council (Marin County, CA)
BTA Bicycle Transportation Alliance (Portland, OR)
BAM Bicycling Around Minnesota
BFR Big Fuckin Rock
BHAG Big Hairy Audacious Goal
BTNA Big Talk, No Action
BAI Bike Across Illinois
BMR Bike Mounted Ranger
BRAT Bike Ride Across Tennessee
BRAA Bike Ride Around Arkansas
BWAM Bike Walk Alliance Missoula (MT)
BWNC Bike Walk North Carolina
BW Bike Wash
BBC Bikes Belong Coalition
BNB Bikes Not Bombs
BAK Biking Across Kansas
BA Biological Assessment
BE Biological Evaluation
BO Biological Opinion
BPA Bisphenol-a
BCT Black Canyon Trail
BGR Black Girls Run
BLBC Black Label Bike Club
BMT Black Mountain, NC
BAT Blind Appalachian Trail (Program)
BRC Blue Ribbon Coalition
BRO Blue Ridge Outdoors (magazine)
BRP Blue Ridge Parkway (NC, VA)
BEAM Body Elevation and Movement
BBP Boise Bicycle Project (ID)
BST Bonneville Shoreline Trail (UT)
BMB Boston-Montreal-Boston (bicycle event)
BB Bottom Bracket
BSA Boy Scouts of America
BT Breakthrough
BAT Brevard Area Trails (NC)
BBAR British Best All Rounder
BICYCLIST Broad Investigation of Challenging Yourself, Cycling Lifestyles and Inspiring Sustainable Transportation
BASE Buildings, Antenna, Spans, or Earth (jumping)
BTU British Thermal Unit
BT Bruce Trail (Ontario)
BT Buckeye Trail (OH)
BY Budget Year
BANANA Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
BEIG Built Environment Image Guide (US Forest Service)
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs (Department of Interior)
BLM Bureau of Land Management
BOR Bureau of Reclamation (Department of Interior)
BOR Bureau of Outdoor Recreation (defunct)
CITO Cache in Trash Out (Geocaching term)
CYR Calendar Year
CDCA California Desert Conservation Area
CNHT California National Historic Trail
CTUC California Trail Users Coalition
CG Campground
CAMP Camping Adventures with My Parents (NPS program)
CFAR Cancel For Any Reason (Insurance)
CHR Capacity Heart Range
CARS Capital Area Ride for Safety (Raleigh, NC)
CIP Capital Improvement Program
CTC Capital Trails Coalition (DC)
CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
CTS Carmichael Training Systems
CMC Carolina Mountain Club (NC)
CW Casing Width
CTA Catamount Trail Association (Burlington, VT)
CE or CX Categorical Exclusion (NEPA process)
CCS Cellular Confinement Systems (geotextiles)
CAT Center for Appropriate Transport (Eugene, OR)
COTA Central Oregon Trail Alliance
CROC Century Ride of the Centuries (OR)
CITU Certificate of Interim Trail Use
CCS Challenge Cost Share agreement (federal)
CVB Chamber & Visitors Bureau
CAMBC Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club (VA)
CVRR Chattahoochee Valley Railroad Trail (AL)
C&NN Children & Nature Network
CCA Chromated Copper Arsenate (wood preservative)
CSM Circulation, Sensation, and Motion
C4C Cities For Cycling
CSO Citizen Support Organization
CAVE Citizens Against Virtually Everything
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps (National)
CWA Clean Water Act
COB Close of Business
CCB Coal Combustion Byproducts
CRT Coalition for Recreational Trails
CCCT Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail (DC)
C2C Coast-to-Coast connector (FL)
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CBS Cold Butt Syndrome
CFRT Colorado Front Range Trail
COTI Colorado Outdoor Training Initiative
COPMOBA Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association
CT Colorado Trail
COTREX Colorado Trail Explorer
CTF Colorado Trail Foundation
CLP Collaborative Landscape Planning
CO Collection Agreement
CCC Community Cycling Center (Portland, OR)
CERT Community Emergency Response Team
CBL Commuter Bike League
CLWB Compact Long Wheel Base (recumbent)
CTR Competitive Trail Ride
CKD Completely Knocked Down (dissembled bicycle for shipping)
CMP Comprehensive Management Plan
CASM (Trail) Condition Assessment Survey Matrix
CLOMR Conditional Letter of Map Revision
CORBA Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CA)
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program
CNU Congress for the New Urbanism
CTTP Connect Trails To Parks
CARA Conservation and Reinvestment Act
CE Conservation Easement
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
CDNST Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
CDST Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail (WY)
CDT Continental Divide Trail
CDTA Continental Divide Trail Alliance
CDTC Continental Divide Trail Coalition
CR Continuing Resolution (Federal Budget)
CVT Continuously Variable Transmission
CO Contracting Officer
COR Contracting Officer’s Representative
COTR Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
CS Convenience Store
CA Cooperative Agreement
CMA Cooperative Management Agreement
CMP Coordinated Management Plan (BLM)
CMP Corrugated Metal Pipe
COG Council of Governments
CEQ Council on Environmental Quality (defunct)
CR County Road
CRABS Couples Riding A Bicycle Simultaneously
CF Crank Forward (Bicycle)
CTREC Creeper Trail Ride to End Cancer (VA)
CPTED Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
CISD Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
XC Cross-Country (mountain biking)
CFG Cross Florida Greenway
CLT Cross-Laminated Timber
CSA Cross-Sectional Area
CC Cubic Centimeter
CF Cubic Feet
CFS Cubic Feet per Second
CY Cubic Yard(s)
CRM Cultural Resource Management
CTC Cumberland Trail Conference
CRV Current Replacement Value
CYCLEXMD Cycle Across Maryland
CTT Cycle Touring Tantrums
DOC Dartmouth Outing Club (Hanover, NH)
DLG Data Line Graph
DAR Daughters of the American Revolution
DAL Dead Ass Last
DFL Dead Fuckin’ Last
DB Decibels
DR Decision Record
DDD Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
DG Decomposed Granite
DOG Decrepit Old Geezer
DOTS Deformity, Open injuries, Tenderness, Swelling
DWGNRA Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
DCR Department of Conservation & Recreation (VA)
DOD Department of Defense (US)
DOE Department of Energy (US)
DOI Department of Interior (US)
DOJ Department of Justice (US)
DNR Department of Natural Resources (state)
DOT Department of Transportation (federal or state)
DQ Design Quantities
DFC Desired Future Condition(s)
DNA Determination of NEPA Adequacy
DNS Determination of Nonsignificance
DBMX Devils Backbone Mountain Cross (VA)
DALMAC Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw (bicycle tour) (MI)
DNF Did Not Finish
DNR Did Not Race
DNS Did Not Start
DOQ Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle
DRG Digital Raster Graphic
DA Direct Ascent (Fall Line)
DSO Direct Service Organization
DO Director’s Order
DJ Dirt Jumping
DBE Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
DIC Disoriented, Irritable, Combative
DM District Manager (BLM)
DO District Office (BLM)
DIY Do It Yourself
DWYSYWD Do What You Say You Will Do
DIAD Done In A Day (trips)
DH Downhill (mountain biking)
DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA process)
DRIVE Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (Act of 2015)
DSM Dual Sport Motorcycle
DWR Durable Water Repellant (fabric coating)
ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters (NC) Hammock company
EDI Earth Discovery Institute (San Diego, CA)
EBBP East Bay Bike Path (RI)
ECG East Coast Greenway
ECGA East Coast Greenway Alliance
EMS Eastern Mountain Sports (New England outdoor retailer)
EHR Endurance Heart Range
E-MTB Electric Mountain Bike
EPAMD Electric Personal Assistance Mobility Device
ERL Electronic Road Log
EAP Emergency Action Plan
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
ERT Emergency Response Team
EST Empire State Trail (NY)
EOY End of Year
ESA Endangered Species Act (1973)
ESL Endangered Species List
EMP Ending Measure Point
EPI Ends Per Inch
EPA Enhance, Protect, and Assist
EM Engineering Manual (US Forest Service)
EA Environmental Assessment (NEPA process)
ECL Environmental Check List
EIS Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA process)
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (US)
ESRI Environmental Systems Research Institute
ESA Environmentally Sensitive Area(s)
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
ELCR Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
EFT Equine Facilitated Therapy
ELCR Equine Land Conservation Resource
ECRT Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail (NY)
ET Erosion Type
EPO Erythropoietin (blood doping agent)
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETRTO European Tire and Rim Technical Organization
EBC Everglades Bicycle Club (Miami, FL)
EID Excellence in Design (US Forest Service)
EO Executive Order
EG Excessive Grade
EX Existing
EPS Expanded Polystyrene
ERMA Extensive Recreation Management Area
FAMS Facility Asset Management System (BLM)
FMSS Facility Management Software System (NPS)
FAX Facsimile message
FDGB Fall Down, Go Boom
FOG Fat Old Guy
FT Fast-twitch (fiber)
FKT Fastest Known Time
FOMO Fear of Missing Out
FACA Federal Advisory Council Act
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (Department of Transportation)
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FICMNEW Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds
FICT Federal Interagency Council on Trails
FIP Federal Interim Plan
FLPMA Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976
FLHP Federal Lands Highway Program
FLREA Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act of 2005
FR Federal Register
FTDS Federal Trail Data Standards
FWOC Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs
FOTE Feet on the Earth (program)
FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (bridge)
FO Field Office (BLM)
FEIS Final Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA process)
FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact (NEPA process)
FLT Finger Lakes Trail (NY)
FY Fiscal Year (Federal FY is from October 1 to September 30)
F&G Fish and Game
FWS Fish and Wildlife Service (Department of Interior)
FANY Five Hundred Miles Across New York
FHO(s) Fixed And Hazardous Object(s)
FAST Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (Act of 2015)
FUTS Flagstaff Urban Trails System (AZ)
FEGN Florida Ecological Greenways Network
FGTF Florida Greenway & Trail Foundation
FKOHT Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail (Key Largo to Key West, FL)
FNST Florida National Scenic Trail
FLORC Florida Outdoor Recreation Coalition
FTBSEP Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program
FT Florida Trail
FTA Florida Trail Association
FTR Florida Trail Riders (motorcycle club)
FFST Fonta Flora State Trail (NC)
FYI For Your Information
FPA US Forest Protection Area
FPO US Forest Protection Officer
FR US Forest Road
FS US Forest Service (US Department of Agriculture)
FSH US Forest Service Handbook
FSM US Forest Service Manual
FSORAG US Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines
FSTAG US Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines
FEAR Forget Everything And Run
4WD Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle
4×4 Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FBC Freezer Bag Cooking
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
FOE Friends of the Earth
FROG Friends of the Greeneway (North Augusta, SC)
FMST Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail (NC)
FoOT Friends of the Ouachita Trail (Hot Springs, AR)
FORT Friends of the Rail Trail
FOTR Friends of the Rubicon (motorized trail in CA)
FSO From Skin Out
FTE Full-Time Equivalent
FLYERS Fun Loving Youth En-Route to Success
GCC Gainesville Cycling Club (FL)
G&F Game and Fish
GAS Gear Acquirement Syndrome
GAO General Accounting Office (US)
GFA General Forest Area
GMP General Management Plan (NPS)
GMR General Management Review
GSA General Services Administration (US)
GIS Geographical Information System
GAME Georgia to Maine (Appalachian Trail)
GAMEr Georgia to Maine (Appalachian Trail thru-hiker heading north)
GATC Georgia Appalachian Trail Club
GARTRA Georgia Recreational Trail Riders Association
GO Get Outside
GSA Girl Scouts of America
GPS Global Positioning System
Glocal Go Local
GPS Go. Play. See.
GSC Go Shred Constantly
GORB Good Old Rafting Buddy
GORP Good Old Raisins and Peanuts (trail mix)
GOCO Government Owned Commercially Operated
GOV Government Owned Vehicle
GPO Government Printing Office
GXT Graded Exercise Test
GET Grand Enchantment Trail (Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM)
GITAP Grand Illinois Trail & Parks (bicycle ride)
GAP Great Allegheny Passage
GRABAAWR Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River
GBITS Great Backpacker In The Sky
GDMBR Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
GET Great Eastern Trail (VA)
GETA Great Eastern Trail Association
GOBA Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure
GOBW Great Old Broads for Wilderness
GOCO Great Outdoors Colorado
GPT Great Plains Trail
GPTA Great Plains Trail Alliance
GSMNP Great Smoky Mountains National Park (NC, TN)
GAIT Greater Aiken Integrated Trails (SC)
GOAT Greatest of All Time
GAG Green Advocacy Group
GMC Green Mountain Club (VT)
GRT Greenbrier River Trail (WV)
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
HOF Hall Of Fame
HVRT Harlem Valley Rail Trail (NY)
HOHA Hateful Old Hikers Association
HAZMAT Hazardous Material(s)
HQ Headquarters
HRM Heart Rate Monitor
SOS Help (Morse Code distress signal)
HCRS Heritage Conservation Recreation Service
HR Heritage Resource
HACE High-Altitude Cerebral Edema
HDPE High-Density Polyethylene
HETAP High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process
HAWK High Intensity Activated Cross WalK traffic signal
HIT or HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training
HSC High Sierra Camps (in Yosemite National Park)
HAM’R Highest Annual Mileage Record
HSIP Highway Safety Improvement Program
HYOH Hike Your Own Hike
HTA Hiking Trails for America
HE Historic Erosion
HRS Historic Resource Study
HRTC Hoosier Rails-to-Trails Council
HI Hostelling International
HI-AYH Hostelling International – American Youth Hostels (now HI-USA)
HI-USA Hostelling International – USA
HS Hot Shower
HH100 Hotter Than Hell Hundred
HPD Hours per Day
HUD (Department of) Housing and Urban Development
HCM Human Capital Management (US Forest Service)
HGH Human Growth Hormone
HPA Human Powered Aircraft
HPB Human Powered Boat
HPS Human Powered Submarine
HPUV Human Powered Utility Vehicle
HPV Human Powered Vehicle
HPVA Human Powered Vehicle Association
HIF Hypoxia-Inducible-Factor
IANST Ice Age National Scenic Trail
IAPTF Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation
IAT Ice Age Trail
IDHSMBR Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route
INHT Iditarod National Historic Trail
ITB Iliotibial Band
IPP Illinois Prairie Path (IL)
ISD Impairment, Suppression, Displacement (syndrome)
ICE In Case of Emergency
ICS Incident Command System
IPS Independent Pedal System (tandem bicycle)
ITF Indiana Trails Fund
IWM Individual Without Motorcycle
IHTC Industrial Heartland Trails Network (PA, OH, WV, NY)
IK Inflatable Kayak
IT Informal Trail(s)
IR Infrared Radiation
INFRA Infrastructure Database (US Forest Service)
IBPI Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation (Portland State University, OR)
ICF Instructor Certification Program (IMBA)
ITT Independent Time Trial
IA Inter/Intra-agency Agreement
ITDS Interagency Trail Data Standards
IOCA Intercollegiate Outing Club Association
ITS Interconnected Trail System
ID Interdisciplinary
IDT Interdisciplinary Team
IP Interested Public(s)
IGA Intergovernmental Agreement
IBLA Interior Board of Land Appeals
ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
IAT International Appalachian Trail
IAAF International Association of Athletics Federation
IBC International Building Code
ICC International Code Council
ICORE International Conference on Recreation and Education
ICHC International Cycling History Conference
IMBA International Mountain Bicycling Association
INOHVPAA International OHV Program Administrators Association
IOS International Organization for Standardization
IOF International Orienteering Federation
ISIA International Snowmobile Industry Association
ISMA International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association
ISIS International Splined Interface Standard (specification for the interface between a bicycle crankset and the bottom bracket spindle)
ISA International Symbol of Accessibility
ITGC International Trails and Greenways Conference
ITA International Triathlon Union
IVCA International Veteran Cycling Association
IYHF International Youth Hostel Federation (now Hosteling International)
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission (replaced by the STB)
I&M Inventory & Monitoring
IFB Invitation for Bid
ILRT Island Line Rail Trail (VT)
IST Isolated Leg Training
ICOs Issues, Concerns, and Opportunities
IWLA or IWL Izaak Walton League of America
JBTR Jim Bridger Trail Run (Bozeman, MT)
MT John Muir Trail (CA)
JWT John Wayne Trail (WA)
JBANHT Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail
JRA Just Riding Along
KOA Kampgrounds of America
KTC Kansas Trails Council
KISS Keep it Simple Stupid
KEG Key Emergency Gear
KOP Key Observation Point
KTA Keystone Trails Association (PA)
KIP Kids in Parks
KM Kilometer
KOM King of the Mountain
KSA Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
LT Lactate Threshold
LTHR Lactate Threshold Heart Rate
LC Large Campsite
LWCF Land and Water Conservation Fund
LUP Land Use Plan
LG Landform Grade
LIDAR Laser Illuminated Detection and Ranging
Lat/Long or Lat/Lon Latitude/Longitude
LE Law Enforcement
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LCI League (of American Bicyclists) Cycling Instructor
LAB League of American Bicyclists
LAW League of American Wheelmen (now LAB)
LMB League of Michigan Bicyclists
LNT Leave No Trace
LLD Leg Length Discrepancy
LOMR Letter of Map Revision
LOR Level of Responsiveness
LOS Level of Service
LCNHT Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging
LEVA Light Electric Vehicle Association
LED Light-Emitting Diode
LAC Limits of Acceptable Change
LF Linear Foot (Feet)
LMST Little Miami Scenic Trail (OH)
LBS Local Bike Shop(s)
LEM Local Experienced Men
LMPG Local Management Planning Guide
LULU Locally Undesirable Land Use
LULU Locally Unpopular Land Use
LASHer Long Ass Section Hiker
LDH Long Distance Hiker
LRTP Long Range Transportation Plan
LSD Long Slow Distance (training)
LWB Long Wheel Base (recumbent)
LACBC Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene
LS Lump Sum
LSQ Lump Sum Quantities
MEGA Maine to Georgia (Appalachian Trail thru-hiker heading south)
MATC Maine Appalachian Trail Club
MITA Maine Island Trail Association (Portland, ME)
MTC Maine Trail Crew
MTT Major Taylor Trail (IL)
MAD Make a Difference
MYOG Make Your Own Gear
MFP Management Framework Plan (BLM) (now RMP)
MUTCD Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
MSRP Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
MORE Marine and Off Road Vehicle Enforcement
M-NCPPC Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission
MOOP Matter Out of Place
MHR Maximum Heart Rate
MTA McDowell Trails Association (NC)
MSL Mean Sea Level
MM Meaningful Measures (US Forest Service)
MOI Mechanism of Injury
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MRSA Methicillian-resistent staphylococcus aureus
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area
MTGA Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance
MUP Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (bicycle tour)
MAMIL Middle Age Men In Lycra
MP Milepost
MPD Miles per Day
MPH Miles per Hour
MPG Miles per Gallon
MGRS Military Grid Reference System
MSRS Milled Shoulder Rumble Strip(s)
MUDs Mindless Ups and Downs (several PUDs in a row)
MTRP Mission Trails Regional Park (San Diego, CA)
MRT Mississippi River Trail (Bikeway)
MTDC Missoula Technology and Development Center (US Forest Service)
MORIT Missouri Rock Island Trail
MYTC Mon/Yough Trail Council (PA)
MT Monon Trail (IN)
MTVRA Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association
MTR Montreat, NC
MPNHT Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
MAYA Most Advanced Yet Acceptable
MVH Most Valuable Hiker
MX Motocross
MVUM Motor Vehicle Use Map (US Forest Service)
MIC Motorcycle Industry Council
MTR Motorized
MRATC Mount Rogers Appalachian Trail Club (VA)
MTTA Mount Tahoma Trail Association (WA)
MTB Mountain Bike or Mountain Biking
MBA Mountain Bike Action (magazine)
MBR Mountain Bike Route
MBOSC Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (CA)
MCM Mountain Club of Maryland
MSR Mountain Safety Research
MSF Mountain Sports Festival (Asheville, NC)
MTF Mountain Trails Foundation (Park City, UT)
MST Mountains-to-Sea Trail (NC)
MTSG Mountains to Sound Greenway (Seattle, WA)
MTSGT Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust (Seattle, WA)
MIMO Move In / Move out (mobilization)
MAP-21 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century
MONA Moving Outdoors in Nature Act (HR 6426) 2010, renamed Healthy Kids Outdoor Act 2014
MS Muddy Soil
MIPS Multidirectional Impact Protection System (for helmets)
MOHUV Multi-Purpose Off-Highway Utility Vehicle
MrSID Multi-Resolution Seamless Image Database
MYTH Multi-Year Hike
MUTS Munds Park Trail Stewards (AZ)
MOMBAT Museum of Mountain Bike Art & Technology (Statesville, NC)
DEET N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (Insect Repellant)
NAP Name, Address, Phone Number
NHC Nantahala Hiking Club
NOC Nantahala Outdoor Center (Wesser, NC)
NTNST Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail
NTT Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail
NACTO National Association of City Transportation Officials
NACPRO National Association of County Parks and Recreation Officials
NASORLO National Association of Outdoor Recreation Liaison Officers
NARRP National Association of Recreation Resource Planners
NASCC National Association of State Conservation Corps
NASPD National Association of State Park Directors
NASTA National Association of State Trail Administrators
NBCB National Backcountry Byway
NBDA National Bicycle Dealers Association
NBG National Bicycle Greenway
NBWS National Bicycling and Walking Study
NBC National Brotherhood of Cyclists
NCBW National Center for Bicycling and Walking
NCCA National Collegiate Cycling Association
NCUTCD National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
NCUTLO National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinance
NCA National Conservation Area
NCTC National Conservation Training Center (FWS)
NDT National Discovery Trail
NDTA National Discovery Trail Act
NEEF National Environmental Education Foundation
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act (1969)
NETC National Equestrian Trails Conference
NF National Forest
NFMA National Forest Management Act (1976)
NFS National Forest Service
NFS National Forest System
NFSR National Forest System Road
NGB National Governing Body
NHA National Heritage Area
NHI National Highway Institute
NHS National Highway System
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHL National Historic Landmark
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act (1966)
NHT National Historic Trail
NHP National Historical Park
NICA National Interscholastic Cycling Association
NLCS National Landscape Conservation System
NMAS National Map Accuracy Standards
NMT National Memorial Trail (to honor the fallen of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks)
NM National Monument
NMBP National Mountain Bike Patrol
NNL National Natural Landmark
NOHVCC National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council
NORBA National Off-Road Bicycling Association
NOBA National Outdoor Book Awards
NONA National Outstanding Natural Area
NP National Park
NPS National Park Service (USDI)
NPCA National Parks Conservation Association
NPLD National Public Lands Day
NRA National Recreation Area
NRPA National Recreation and Park Association
NRT National Recreation Trail
NRUM National Recreation Use Monitoring
NRTAC National Recreational Trails Advisory Committee
NRHP National Register of Historic Places
NRRA National River & Recreation Area
NSA National Scenic Area
NSB National Scenic Byway
NST National Scenic Trail
NSRE National Survey on Recreation and the Environment
NTD National Trails Day
NTS National Trails System
NTSA National Trails System Act, 16 USD 1241 et seq. (1968)
NTSAHA National Trails System Administrative History Archive
NTSC National Trails System Council
NTTP National Trails Training Partnership
NTC National Training Center (BLM)
NTEC National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse
NUVM National Visitor Use Monitoring Survey
NVP National Volunteer Project
NWT National Water Trail
NWTS National Water Trail System
NWF National Wildlife Federation
NWR National Wildlife Refuge
NYPUM National Youth Project Using Minibikes
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly the Soil Conservation Service) under the USDA
NT Natural Terrain
NUMB NE United Methodists Bike Ride for Hunger (NE)
NEMBA New England Mountain Bike Association
NEOC New England Orienteering Club
NET New England Trail (CT, NH, MA)
NMRTA New Mexico Rails to Trails Association
NOS New, Old Stock (classic parts and accessories that have never been sold or put into use)
NRT New River Trail (VA)
NUC New Urbanism Community
NYCMTB New York City Mountain Bike Association
NYNJTC New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
NPNHT Nez Perce National Historic Trail
NPNHTF Nez Perce National Historic Trail Foundation
NoBo No Boundaries
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NMTR Non-motorized
NMV Non-Motorized Vehicle
NAD27 North American Datum of 1927
NAD27 CONUS North American Datum of 1927 Continental United States
NAD83 North American Datum of 1983
NAHBS North American Handmade Bicycle Show
NARR North American River Runners
NATRC North American Trail Ride Conference
NAWTA North American Water Trails Association
NCHPTA North Carolina High Peaks Trail Association
NCMST North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea Trail
NCNST North Country National Scenic Trail
NCT North Country Trail
NICTF North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation
NSMA North Shore Mountain Bike Association (Vancouver, BC)
NOBO Northbound (thru-hiker)
NEABA Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association
NWTA Northwest Trail Alliance (Portland, OR)
NA Not Applicable
NIMBY Not in My Back Yard
NTE Not to Exceed
NOA Notice of Appeal
NOA Notice of Availability
NOI Notice of Intent (NEPA)
NITU Notice of Interim Trail Use (Rail-Trail)
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OD Off Day
OHM Off-Highway Motorcycle
OHMV Off-Highway Motorized Vehicle
OHR Off-Highway Recreation
OHV Off-Highway Vehicle
ORAMM Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell (NC)
ORM Off-Road Motorcycle
ORV Off-Road Vehicle
OGT Office of Greenways and Trails (FL)
OMB Office of Management & Budget (US)
OTET Ohio To Erie Trail
OTP Ohio Trails Partnership
OST Old Spanish Trail
OSTA Old Spanish Trail Association
OTC Olympic Training Center
ODS Omni-Directional Suspension
OJT On the Job Training
OATBRAN One Awesome Tour Bike Ride Across Nevada
OHIO Only handle it once
OPSP Open Project Selection Process
O&M Operations and Maintenance (costs)
OLR Optimal Location Review
OS Optimistic Skepticism
OLR Optimum Location Review
OCTA Oregon-California Trails Association
ONHT Oregon National Historic Trail
OT Oregon Trail
Org Organization
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OPDMD Other Power Driven Mobility Device
OT Ouachita Trail (Hot Springs, AR)
OIWC Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition
ORAR Outdoor Recreation Access Route
ORP Outdoor Recreation Planner
ORRRC Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission (1962)
OSI Outdoor Stewardship Institute (CO)
ONA Outstanding Natural Area
OB Outward Bound
OSS Over Seat Steering (recumbent)
OSV Over Snow Vehicle
OTB Over the Bars or Off the Back or Only the Best
OTC Over The Counter (medicine)
OVNHT Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
OHT Ozark Highland Trail (MO)
OT Ozark Trail (MO)
OTA Ozark Trail Association (MO)
PAC Pacific Atlantic Cycling (Tour)
PCNST Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail
PCT Pacific Crest Trail
PCT-L Pacific Crest Trail (e-mail List)
PCTA Pacific Crest Trail Association
PCTC Pacific Crest Trail Conference
PNT Pacific Northwest Trail (Canada)
PT Palmetto Trail (SC)
PBP Paris-Brest-Paris (bicycle event)
P2P Parkersburg to Pittsburgh (WV, PA)
POST Parks, Open Space and Trails
PARD Parks and Recreation Development Fund (SC)
PTNY Parks & Trails New York
PA Participating Agreement
PNTS Partnership for the National Trails System
PLP Path Less Pedaled
PB&J Peanut Butter and Jelly (sandwich)
PALM Pedal Across Lower Michigan
PAC Pedal Across the Continent
PALM Pedal Around Lake Michigan
PBIC Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
PBIN Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Network
PHB Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
PELICAN PEdestrian LIght Control ActivatioN traffic crossing
PWD People With Disabilities
PCT Perfect Cycling Trail (Pacific Crest Trail)
PED Performance-Enhancing Drug
PFT Permanent Full Time
PB Personal Best
PFD Personal Flotation Device (lifejacket)
PLB Personal Location Beacon
PMD Personal Mobility Device
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PR Personal Record
PWC Personal Watercraft
PAOT Persons at One Time (US Forest Service)
PMTA Pine Mountain Trail Association (GA)
PAS Pisgah Area SORBA (NC)
PMBAR Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race (NC)
PUD Planned Unit Development
POC Point of Contact
POV Point of View
PLS Point Last Scene
PSC Pointless Stream Crossings (where trail zig zags across a stream)
PUDs Pointless Ups and Downs (where a climb leads to no view)
PCC Poison Control Center
PAL Police Activity (formally Athletic) League
PC Polycarbonate
PU Polyurethane
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride (plastic)
PENHT Pony Express National Historic Trail
PJ Port-a-John(s)
PODS Portable on Demand Storage
PD Position Description
PMA Positive Mental Attitude
PhD Post Hole Digger
PO Post Office
PATC Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (Washington, DC)
PHNST Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
PHT Potomac Heritage Trail
PSF Pounds Per Square Foot
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch
PAS Power Assisted
POD Power On Demand
PAL Predictable, Alert, Lawful
PMO Primary Management Objective (US Forest Service)
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
PCAO President’s Commission on Americans Outdoors (1987)
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
PA Problem Area
PBMA Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association
PTBA Professional Trailbuilders Association
PCE Programmatic Categorical Exclusion
PEIS Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
PPS Project for Public Spaces
PC Property Corner
PL Property Line
PETS Proposed, Endangered, Threatened, or Sensitive species
PEAK Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids
PATHE Protecting the Appalachian Trail Experience Program
PARVS Public Area Recreation Visitor Study
PLF Public Lands Foundation
PLH Public Lands Highways
P.L. Public Law
Prowap Public Rights-of-Way Assessment Process (Beneficial Designs)
PUC Public Use Condition
PUC Public Utilities Commission
PO Purchase Order
QA/QC Quality Assurance/Quality Control
QAR Quality Assistance Review
QBP Quality Bicycle Products
QR Quick Response (code)
QUC Quiet Use Coalition
RRVT Raccoon River Valley Trail (IA)
RAAM Race Across America
RPR Race Performance Range (Heartbeat)
RR Railroad
RT Rail-Trail
RTC Rail Trail Council
R2T Rail(s)-to-Trail(s)
RTC Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
RTCPA Rails-to-Trails of Central Pennsylvania
RWT Rail(s)-with-Trail(s)
RRPM Raised Reflective Pavement Marker
RMC Randolph Mountain Club (NH)
RD Ranger District (US Forest Service)
RTE’s Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species
RPE Ratings of Perceived Exertion
RPT Reactive Protective Technology
RTFM Read The Fucking Manual
RWD Rear Wheel Drive
RE Recent Erosion
RDA Recommended Dietary Allowance
ROD Record of Decision (NEPA process)
Rec Recreation
R&PP Recreation and Public Purposes (Act)
RAMP Recreation Activity/Area Management Plan
RA Recreation Area
REA Recreation Enhancement Act
RIM Recreation Information Management (US Forest Service)
RMA Recreation Management Area
RMIS Recreation Management Information System
RMP Recreation Management Plan
ROS Recreation Opportunity Spectrum
RRIS Recreation Resource Information System (US Forest Service)
RUP Recreation Use Permit
RVD Recreation Visitor Day (US Forest Service)
REI Recreational Equipment, Inc.
ROV Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle
ROHVO Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Organization
ROAD Recreational Outdoor Accessibility for the Disabled
RTV Recreational Trail Vehicle
RTAB Recreational Trails Advisory Board
RTP Recreational Trails Program (Federal grant program)
RUS Recreational Use Statute
RUV Recreational Utility Vehicle
RV Recreational Vehicle (travel trailer, motorhome, 5th-wheel, etc.)
RVIA Recreational Vehicle Industry Association
RIF Reduction in Force
RLC Regional Leadership Council(s) (IMBA)
RO Regional Office (US Forest Service)
RPA Regional Planning Agency
RTC Regional Trail Corporation (PA)
RAGBRAI Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa
REGNEG REGulatory NEGotiating Committee on Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas
RW Reliable Water
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
RFB Request for Bid
RCA Request for Contract Action
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotes (quotation, qualifications)
RHAP Rescued Horses Assisting People
R&D Research & Development
RNA Research Natural Area
RCPA Residents’ Committee to Protect the Adirondacks
RAC Resource Advisory Council
RAT Resource Allocation Team
RMA Resource Management Area
RMP Resource Management Plan
RDS Responsible Down Standard
ROMP Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers (Silicon Valley, CA)
RRR Rest and Recovery Range (Heartbeat)
ROW Rest of the World
RICE Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation
RHR Resting Heart Rate
RUA Restricted Use Area
RIP Retired In Place
RSVP Retired Senior Volunteer Program
ROI Return On Investment
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RCC Richmond Cycling Corps (VA)
RAIN Ride Across Indiana
RAINSTORM Ride Across Indiana: Same Thing, Only Ride More
RASDAK Ride Across South Dakota
RAW Ride Around Washington
RSVP Ride from Seattle to Vancouver
ROS, RofS Ride of Silence
ROW Right(s)-Of-Way (also R/W)
RHI Rigid Hull Inflatable
RTCA Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (of the NPS)
R2T Road to Trail (conversion)
RAP Roads Analysis Process
R&T Roads and Trails (NPS)
RARE Roadless Area Review and Evaluation (RARE I and II)
RATC Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club (VA)
RGD Rolling Grade Dip
ROPS Rollover Protective Structure
RTV Rough Terrain Vehicle
SAFETEA-LU Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act―A Legacy for Users of 2005
SRTS Safe Routes To School
SHIPS Safety and Health Information Portal System (US Forest Service)
SFNHT Santa Fe National Historic Trail
SDCBC San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (CA)
SDTDC San Dimas Technology and Development Center (US Forest Service)
SFBC San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
SART Santa Ana River Trail (CA)
SOLPOST Scar on Landscape Piece Of Shit Trail
SMS Scenery Management System
SOPA Schedule Of Proposed Actions
SAGBRAW Schramm’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Wisconsin
SAR Search And Rescue
SW Seasonal Water
STP Seattle to Portland (bicycle event)
ST Secondary Tread(s)
SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SOP Sense of Place
STOP Sensible Transportation Options for People (Portland, OR)
SNAG Sensitive New Age Guy
SIA Sentier International des Appalaches
SAAGBRAW Sentinel’s Active Americans Great Bike Ride Across Wisconsin
SCORE Service Corps Of Retired Executives
SLM Shared Land Marking
SUN Shared-Use Nonmotorized
SUR Shared Use Road
SRT Shawangunk Ridge Trail (NY/NJ
SNP Shenandoah National Park (VA)
SIS Shimano Indexing System
SPD Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (pedal system)
STI Shimano Total Integration
SCT Shingobee Connection Trail (MN)
SWB Short Wheel Base (recumbent)
SH Showers
SxS Side by Side
SH Side Hill (Trail)
SBTS Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (CA)
SAMPLE Signs & Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Pertinent medical history, Last ins & outs, Events
STOP Sit, Think, Observe, Plan
SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fucked Up
ST Slow-twitch (fiber)
SC Small Campsite
SWEAT Smokies Wilderness Elite Appalachian Trail Crew
SOPWAMTOS Society of People Who Actually Make Their Own Shit
SE Soil Erosion
ST Soil Type
SDMB Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (Tucson, AZ)
SMIDSY Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You
SCPRT South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism
SCRPA South Carolina Recreation and Parks Association
SOBO Southbound (thru-hiker)
SEFTC Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition
SALT Southern Appalachian Loop Trail
SAWS Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards
SCMA Southern California Mountaineers Association
SHT Southern Highlands Traverse
SORBA Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association
SUWA Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
SVMBA Southern Virginia Mountain Bike Association
SWINT Southwestern Iowa Nature Trails
SAID Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands
SMART Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Trackable (goals)
SA Special Agent
SLUP Special Land Use Permit
SMA Special Management Area
SRMA Special Recreation Management Area
SRUP Special Recreation Use Permit(s)
SUP Special Use Permit
SSP Special Status Plant
SSS Special Status Species
SVIA Specialty Vehicle Institute of America
SKI Spending the Kids Inheritance
SAV Sport Activity Vehicle
SUB Sport Utility Bike
SUV Sport Utility Vehicle
SRUP Special Recreation Use Permit
SF Square Foot (Feet)
SY Square Yard(s)
SJR2C St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop (FL)
SUP Stand Up Paddle (board)
SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SD State Director (BLM)
SHPO State Historic Preservation Office(r)
SIP State Interim Plan
SLO State Liaison Officer (for LWCF)
SOT State of Trail (report)
SP State Park
STAM State Trail Administrators Meeting
STAC State Trails Advisory Committee
SOW Statement of Work
SCORP Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
STIP Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
SVTC Steel Valley Trail Council (PA)
STEP Stewards for Trails, Education, and Partnerships (American Quarter Horse Association)
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis
SNTD Strive Not to Dive
SCA Student Conservation Association
SME Subject Matter Expert
SPF Sun Protection Factor
SX Super Cross
SUL Super Ultra Light
SHTA Superior hiking Trail Association
SO Supervisors Office (US Forest Service)
SAG Support and Gear / Support and Grub / Support Aid Group
STB Surface Transportation Board (US)
STPP Surface Transportation Policy Project
STP Surface Transportation Program
SOL Survive Outdoors Longer
SMARTER Trails Sustainable, Manageable, Artistic Recreational Trails that are Ecologically sound and have good Risk management strategy
STC Sustainable Trails Coalition
SWECO Sutter Welding and Equipment Company
SRT Swamp Rabbit Trail (Greenville to Travelers Rest, SC)
SST Sweet Smelling Toilet (US Forest Service)
SRT Sweetwater River Trail (Rancho San Diego, CA)
SDM System Diagram Map
TO Table of Organization (BLM)
TRT Tahoe Rim Trail (CA, NV)
TRTA Tahoe Rim Trail Association (CA, NV)
TSS Tailgate Safety Session
TRAI Tandem Ride Across Iowa
TTF Technical Trail Feature
TEHCC Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoe Club
TTA Tennessee Trails Association
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
TVB Tennessee Valley Bike (Knoxville)
TBC Texas Bicycle Coalition
TETRA Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association
TMTC Texas Motorized Trails Coalition
TCF The Conservation Fund
TNF The North Face
TOBRAW The Other Bike Ride Across Wisconsin
TOGIR The Other Great Iowa Ride
TRANE The Ride Around New England
TRIRI The Ride In Rural Iowa
TTT Things Take Time
TTD Things To Do
TPI Threads Per Inch
T&E Threatened & Endangered species
TLA Three Letter Acronym(s)
THR Threshold Heart Range
TBD Tick-Borne Disease(s)
T&A Time & Attendance
TT Time Trial
T-CLOC Tires/Controls/Lights/Oil/Chassis
Ti Titanium
TBA To Be Announced
THT Tobacco Heritage Trail (VA)
TNT Today Not Tomorrow
TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More
TEAMWORK Together Everyone Achieves More With Organization Recognition and Knowledge
TMI Too Much Information
TCB Torrey C. Brown (Rail-Trail, MD)
TBSA Total Body Surface Area
TFR Totally Fun Ride
TDF Tour de France (bicycle race)
TARTAR Tour of the American River for Trikes and Recumbents
TOSRV Tour of the Scioto River Valley (OH)
TOSRV Tour of the Swan River Valley – West (MT)
TRIRI Touring Ride in Rural Indiana
TOAD Tourist on a Detour
T&R Township and Range
TL Track Length
TM Trademark
TND Traditional Neighborhood Developments
TCD Traffic Control Device
TRL Trail
TAI Trail Access Information
TA Trail Alignment
TAP Trail Approval Process
TA Trail Assessment
TRACS Trail Assessment and Condition Surveys (US Forest Service)
TCC Trail Care Crew (Subaru/IMBA program)
TCS Trail Classification System (US Forest Service)
TCR Trail Condition Reports
TEAS Trail Emergency Access System
TFC Trail Fixing Crew
TG Trail Grade
TMA Trail(s) Maintenance Assessment
TMO Trail Management Objective (US Forest Service)
TMP Trail Management Process
T-MAP Trail Modeling and Assessment Platform (program of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy)
TOTA Trail Of Tears Association
TOR Trail Operations Report
TP Trail Position
TRAILS Trail Recreation and Adventure Institute for Leadership and Service (Rockingham Community College – Wentworth, NC)
TREAD Trail Resources Database
TROT Trail Riders of Today (MD)
TS Trail Shelter
TTNHT Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
TTP Trail Termination Point
TTEC (A) Trail To Every Classroom
TT Trail Town
TT Trail Type
TH Trailhead
TRAC Trails For Richmond Action Committee (CA)
THOR Trails Have Our Respect
TTT Train the Trainer
TAT Trans America Trail
TCT Trans Canada Trail
TNGA Trans North Georgia Adventure (Bicycle Event)
TAP Transportation Alternatives Program
TE(s) Transportation Enhancement(s)
TEAs Transportation Enhancement Activities
TEA-21 Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century
TIP Transportation Improvement Program
TIFIA Transportation Infrastructure Financing and Investment Act
TIS Transportation Inventory System
TIGER Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (Federal grant program)
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
TA Travel Authorization
TV Travel Voucher
TR Travelers Rest (SC)
TL! Tread Lightly!
TW Tread Width
TPI Treads Per Inch
TST Treadmill Stress Test
TRTC Triangle Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (NC)
TNT Trinitrotoluene (high explosive)
TLP Trust for Public Land
TLR Tubeless Ready
TORCA Tucson Off-Road Cyclists & Activists Inc.
TIG Tungsten Inert Gas (welding)
TOUCAN TwO groUps CAN cross traffic signal
2WD Two-Wheel Drive Vehicle
UHMWPE Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
UL Ultra Light
UMCA Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association
UPF Ultraviolet Protection Factor
UV Ultraviolet Ray(s)
USS Under Seat Steering (recumbent)
UM Undulating Meandering (trail)
USCS Unified Soil Classification System
UFAS Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
UCI Union Cycliste Internationale
US United States
USADA United States Anti-Doping Agency
USACE United States Army Corp of Engineers (Department of Defense)
USBRS United States Bicycle Route System
USBP United States Border Patrol
USC United States Code (Federal statute)
USCOE United States Corps of Army Engineers
USCF United States Cycling Federation
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USDI United States Department of the Interior
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service
USFS United State Forest Service
USGS United States Geological Survey
USNG United States National Grid
USPS United States Postal Service
USPRO United States Professional Racing Organization
USAC United States of America Cycling, Inc.
UCP Universal Chrome Plating
UDS Universal Distress Signal
URL Universal Resource Locator (for internet addresses)
UST Universal System Tubeless (for bicycle tubeless tire/rim systems)
UTAP Universal Trail Assessment Process (mapping project)
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
UPI Urban Pathways Initiative (program of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy)
UCT User Created Trail(s)
UE User Experience
UTV Utility Trail (Terrain) Vehicle
VB Vapor Barrier
VBL Vapor Barrier Liner
VC Vehicular Cycling
VTT Velo Tout-Terrain (French for mountain biking)
VT Ventilatory Threshold
VLT Vermont Long Trail
VMBT Vermont Mountain Bike Association
VCT Virginia Capital Trail (Jamestown to Richmond)
VMBT Virginia Mountain Bike Trail
VERP Visitor Experience and Resource Protection
VIM Visitor Impact Management
VUD Visitor Use Day
VMS Visual Management System
VQO Visual Quality Objective
VRM Visual Resource Management
VWP Volunteer Work Party
VISTA Volunteers in Service to America
VIF Volunteers in the Forest (US Forest Service)
VIP Volunteers in the Parks (National Park Service)
VRU Vulnerable Road User (law)
WG Wage Grade
WALC Walkable and Livable Communities
W&OD Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park (VA)
WABA Washington Area Bicyclist Association (DC)
WO Washington Office (US Forest Service, BLM)
WSBA Washington State Bicycling Association
WTA Washington Trails Association
WAG Waste Alleviation and Gelling bag (for human waste)
WMD Water Management District
WOPO Water Off, People On
WPB Waterproof-Breathable
WITT We’re In This Together
WMTG West Michigan Trails & Greenways (Coalition)
WVMBA West Virginia Mountain Bike Association
WVRTC West Virginia Rails to Trail Council
WYTC Westmoreland Yough Trail Chapter (PA)
WIIFM What’s In It For Me
WOL Wide Outside Lane
WSR Wild and Scenic River
WAG Wild Ass Guess
WA Wilderness Area
WEA Wilderness Education Association
WFA Wilderness First Aid
WFR Wilderness First Responder
WMA Wilderness Medical Associate(s)
WMI Wilderness Medicine Institute
WSA Wilderness Study Area
WROS Wilderness Recreation Opportunity Spectrum
WUI Wildland-Urban Interface
WMA Wildlife Management Area
WRS-DRT William R. Steinhaus – Dutchess Rail-Trail (NY)
WTP Willingness To Pay
WECS Wimpy Extension Cord Syndrome
WOW Women On Wheels
WOMBATS Women’s Mountain Bike And Tea Society
WM Work Month
WCF Working Capital Fund
WADA World Anti-Doping Agency
WBR World Bicycle Relief
WGS 84 World Geodetic System 1984
WIOC World Is Our Classroom, Inc.
WTN World Trails Network
YTD Year-to-Date
YIMBY Yes In My Back Yard
YAS Yoga and Spinning
YODO You Only Die Once
YRTC Yough River Trail Council (PA)
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
YOYO You’re On Your Own
YACC Young Adult Conservation Corps
YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association
YPP Young People for Parks (WV)
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
YCC Youth Conservation Corps

1,416 Acronyms and Abbreviations