Carolina Connector



In 1982 this was the second route that I biked. Robert Owens, a South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism employee drove me to the North Carolina border on November 10 and I biked the route to the Georgia Line (got there on November 13). This time I had no one to pick me up so I boxed up my bike and took the bus back to Columbia. Here’s my write-up and photos of that trip.

This route has been proposed as part of US Bicycle Route 1 (USBR 1) that runs from Maine to Florida. At present South Carolina DOT is not participating in the program. Adventure Cycling Association offers a clearing house for information on the US Bicycle Route System.

Narrative from Bicycle Touring Guide:

Tbike-graphic-carolina-connector-orangehis route ties into the North Carolina Highway Bicycling System (US Bike Route 1) and offers the easiest route through the state between North Carolina and Georgia (north to south). For those entering or leaving North Carolina on this route, please see the NC/JKL Mountain Connector maps; Carolina Connection.

Well-spaced campgrounds and the flat terrain of the area land make for a leisurely trip along the 223-mile route. It passes through a number of very small rural towns and traverses long stretches of farm and woodlands. Four well-spaced state parks along the way, with camping facilities, make it possible to plan day trips of varying lengths to meet the individual bicyclist’s needs,

Santee State Park, located about the midpoint on the route, is an excellent stopover for those who may wish to combine their bicycling trip with other alternative recreation activities.

This park is situated on the 171,000 acre freshwater Santee Cooper Lake System, which is famous for being the home of the landlocked striped bass and is also outstanding for its large mouth bass, catfish and crappie. Extensive park facilities including tennis courts, campgrounds and overnight cabins combined with nearby golf and hunting opportunities make this an outdoorperson’s paradise.

You will bicycle through following counties: Marlboro, Darlington, Lee, Sumter, Clarendon, Orangeburg, Bamberg, Colleton, Hampton, Jasper.

Note: Road number signs are posted at intersections. The numbers on the signs (such as S-26-50) denote the county (26), and road designation (50).

Carolina Connector Cue Sheet Directions – North to South

Carolina Connector Cue Sheet Directions – South to North