Trail Presentations

Over the years I have had the opportunity to make trail presentations at various conferences, symposiums, and workshops. For many of them I did not put together Powerpoints. These are a few of the Powerpoints and other presentation notes.

1995 – “SC Rails-to-Trails” presentation

We moved back to South Carolina in 1995 so I could take on the job of the State’s first Trails Coordinator working for the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. While in Arizona I was involved with National Trails Day so first thing I did was put together a workshop and trail event for National Trails Day – the first Saturday of June. My first event was focused on rail trails. I don’t have the Powerpoint, but I had copies of the page views which I scanned.

1996 – January 11 to 14 – IMBA’s National Mountain Bike Advocacy Summit held at Biosphere 2 in Arizona


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I was on the “Building an Effective Advocacy Organization” panel to discuss “Fundraising and Special Events.” I had a handout and talked about funding for the Palmetto Trail.


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1996, May 9&10 – Co-taught GPS workshop at National Trails Symposium – Bethesda, MD

Mark Bryant with Trimble and I taught two workshops on using GPS units. Link to full write-up.

1996 – “SC State Trails Program” presentation

As South Carolina’s new State Trails Coordinator I made many presentations to groups around the State. I put together this Powerpoint to kick start the discussion on why we needed trails.

1998 – “Why You Need a Trails Website” presentation

In January 1998 Sandra and I flew to San Diego, CA to attend the International Trails & Greenways Conference put on by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC).  For a few years in the 1990s American Trails National Trails Symposium was one year and the next was International Trails & Greenways Conference. The American Trails Board would have their meetings in conjunction with these conferences. I  co-taught a workshop on “why trail programs need a website” on January 29. When I took the job as South Carolina’s first trails coordinator in 1995 I set about building a website. Turns out we were the first state trails program to have one. I made this same presentation at a few other trails conferences.

I presented with Peter Shikli, a California web developer. I enjoyed our back and forth discussions in the months before the workshop. One of his sayings resonated with me and I put it as my last slide.

“The Total and rapid Success of a small project is preferable to the partial and eventual success of a large project.”

2001 – “A Regional Network of Trails for the Mid-Atlantic States” presentation – Mid-Atlantic Governor’s Conference on Greenways Blueways & Green Infrastructure, Arlington, VA

2008 – “Virginia Governor’s Conference on Greenways, Blueways and Trails” presentation – Richmond, VA

I was the Trails Manager for the National Forests in Florida at the time of this presentation in 2008. I was asked to enlighten attendees on the USDA Forest Service inventory and budget processes.

2011 – IMBA-SORBA workshop – Brevard, NC click to download PowerPoint presentation

2012 – Arizona Trail Completion Celebration – Phoenix, AZ click to download PowerPoint presentation

2012 – IMBA-SORBA Tallahassee, FL Chapter click to down load PowerPoint presentation

2013 – Florida National Scenic Trail click to Prezi presentation

I and our Forest Service intern Caitlin Murphy put together these two Prezi presentations. Prezi is a fun presentation tool. I used it meetings with agencies and volunteers. Below are pages I scanned from the Prezi. You can also click on the link to go direct to Prezi.


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2014 – Florida National Scenic Trail click to Prezi presentation


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