1998 Why You Need a Trails Website Presentation

In January 1998 Sandra and I flew to San Diego, CA to attend the International Trails & Greenways Conference put on by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC).  For a few years in the 1990s American Trails National Trails Symposium was one year and the next was International Trails & Greenways Conference. The American Trails Board would have their meetings in conjunction with these conferences. I  co-taught a workshop on “why trail programs need a website” on January 29. When I took the job as South Carolina’s first trails coordinator in 1995 I set about building a website. Turns out we were the first state trails program to have one. I made this same presentation at a few other trails conferences.

I presented with Peter Shikli, a California web developer. I enjoyed our back and forth discussions in the months before the workshop. One of his sayings resonated with me and I put it as my last slide.

“The Total and rapid Success of a small project is preferable to the partial and eventual success of a large project.”

I put together a Powerpoint for these presentations. I had kept a paper copy. What you see here are scans of those pages.