2017 Jim Schmid bicycles Rail-Trail Hall of Fame 32-mile Elroy-Sparta State Trail – WI

The Seventh member of the Rail-Trail Hall of FameElroy-Sparta State Trail.

rail-trail hall of fame logoIt’s May and I’m on my swing through the Midwest to bike four more Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame Rail-Trails. The Elroy-Sparta State Trail is one of the pioneer rail trails in the country. It opened to the public in 1967 which makes this the 50th anniversary. I first read about the Elroy-Sparta back in 1989 when I was researching rail-trails around the country to highlight in my South Carolina Rail-Trails: Inventory and Prospect master’s thesis. Here it is 28 years later and I’m getting a chance to spend two days riding 64 miles on this 32-mile trail. Most all my adventures are out and back making for double the mileage. First of May is not exactly the height of tourist season. In two days I saw three other bikers. I didn’t mind. The natural surface trail, three tunnels, and farmland were very beautiful and peaceful.