2017 Jim Schmid bicycles 6.7-mile Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail – Ashland, TN

One last trail to ride before heading home to Black Mtn, NC. The Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail is my third and last Tennessee rail-trail listed in the Rail-Trails Southeast book published by Rails-to-Trail Conservancy. At 6.7 miles it’s the longest of the three. Hard to believe that a state as big as Tennessee would be so poor in rail-trails. Oh well, nice morning ride before my final push to get home.

I took a photo next to a “The National Rail-Trail Network” sign provided by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. I’ve seen this sign on a few other rail-trails. I can find no list of rail-trails in network. With the Hall of Fame there is a list and criteria for selection. Not so with the network. You’d think RTC would want to publicize these trails.