2017 Jim Schmid attends International Trails Symposium free public event – Dayton, OH

What a neat idea. Opening the International Trails Symposium exhibit hall to the public for an afternoon. I was on my way north to ride a few more Rail-Trail Hall of Fame trails and this made for a fun stop. I got to town a few days early to bike some of the local trails. I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon in the exhibit hall before driving north. I not only got to see what’s going on in the world of trails I got to meet some old friends like Scott Linnenburger, Jan Hancock, Cam Lockwood, and Mike Passo (who is now the Executive Director of American Trails).

25 years ago I attended the 11th National Trails Symposium in Missoula, MT from September 19-22 in 1992. It was my first Symposium and what a great way to get started in the trails world. So much has changed. It was really a joy to see the growth in the Symposium. Trails has become such a bigger world. Glad I’m still a small part of that world.