2016 Jim Schmid walks Rail-Trail Hall of Fame 1.5-mile High Line – New York City

rail-trail hall of fame logoThe 19th member of the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame High Line trail.

While on the Walkway Over the Hudson I was thinking about how to get into Manhattan to walk the High Line trail. I had been dreading the idea of driving into Manhattan just to walk a 1.5 mile trail. But it is in the Hall of Fame so on the list. When I looked down I saw the Poughkeepsie, NY train station and thought I could take the train into Manhattan instead of drive. Sometimes things just fall into my lap. After my bike ride I stopped in at the station and found it would only cost $42 round trip and just $3.75 to park my van for the day. The next day (August 31) I was on the train at 7am headed for the big city. Really pleasant hour and half ride with great views of the Hudson River. I walked across town to the High Line from Grand Central Station. Walked the 1.5 mile elevated trail. What a great idea to convert an abandoned elevated rail line into a linear park. I saw many workers and volunteers and talked with few. Even stopped in their office. But, could find no one who knew that the High Line is in the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. Consequently no photo of me next to a Hall of Fame sign. Walked back to Station and took the train back to Poughkeepsie, NY. Drove on north.  High Line is a neat idea but everything surrounding it is loud, crowded, and oppressive. I was glad to be heading to some quiet.