2016 Jim Schmid bicycles Rail-Trail Hall of Fame 6-mile Peavine and 5.8-mile Iron King Trails – Prescott, AZ

rail-trail hall of fame logoThe twenty-first members of the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame – Peavine and Iron King Rail-Trails.

The Peavine and Iron King Rail-Trails are the first of my planned Western rail-trails. I drove 2,000 miles from Black Mountain, NC to get to Prescott, AZ. I hope to bike eight Hall of Fame Rail-Trails while out here in the West during the next two months. Last year I was able to make trips to ride rail-trails within a days drive of home. I figure since it is such a long trip to get out here I better ride the Western trails before heading home.  These two trails are joined in a Y so really like biking one trail. They are natural surface. I was glad that I had put wider tires on my Bacchetta Giro recumbent. It did great in the softer dirt. I really enjoyed getting out of town on the Trails and into the open space. Saw a herd of antelope.

Driving through town I was surprised at how developed and crowded the Prescott Valley is. Big box stores and new houses everywhere. I biked the Trails and headed on, just didn’t feel like staying in the area.

Peavine Trail

Iron King Trail