2016 Jim Schmid bicycles Rail-Trail Hall of Fame 21.5-mile Springwater Corridor – Portland, OR

rail-trail hall of fame logoThe eighteen member of the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame –  Springwater Corridor.

I left the City of Rogue River, OR at 5 am. Had said my good-byes to Laura and Philip the night before. What great hosts and friends. I wanted to get into Portland, OR early and bike the Springwater Corridor and continue north all in the same day. Mission accomplished. Got to the middle of the trail about 10:30 am. I biked east then west on the Trail. What struck me was the number of homeless in tents along the Trail. Out of respect I took no photos of the tents. I passed well over a hundred tents. Many homeless ride bicycles so I guess living on a paved trail is a good choice. I sure hope Portland can address this issue. Didn’t seem to bother the many runners and bicyclists I passed. This is the second Hall of Fame rail-trail I’ve ridden that doesn’t have a Hall of Fame sign. I really keep an eye out so I can get a photo next to them. No luck on this Trail. On to Seattle, WA.