2016 Jim Schmid bicycles 30 miles of Boise River Greenbelt – Boise, ID

2016-Idaho-happy-trails-cardWhen Sandra and I lived in Boise, ID from 2001 to 2005 I biked many of the paved and mtn bike trails. At that time I never thought about taking any pictures. So it was nice to stop in and bike the Boise River Greenbelt again. Lots of additions to the Greenbelt during the past 11 years. The town has also grown. It is a major city now with all that goes with the distinction. I biked east to the dam and back – about 10 miles.

I was lucky to find Leo Hennessy still working as the non-motorized trail coordinator for Idaho State Parks & Recreation.  We went on many hiking and biking trips with him back when we lived here. He took me on a 20-mile loop of the western portion of the Greenbelt. He was a great tour guide as the trail is not complete and we had to use some roads to make  the connections. Was fun to ride with him cause this was his first ride pulling a bike trailer with his dog – Forest. Forest had a good time hanging his head out and barking to let trail users know that we were coming up behind them. Staying a few days at Leo and Leslie’s place also made for a very enjoyable time. I joined them for a walk around downtown during First Thursday, a Cinco de Mayo drop-in, and a walk through the Farmer’s Market.