2007 Jim Schmid buys Bacchetta Giro Recumbent from Power On Cycling – FL

In the spring of 2007 I attended a Recumbent Rally in St Petersburg, FL. I brought my Bike E recumbent. Everyone around me were riding Bacchetta recumbents. Turns out Bacchetta is a St Pete based company that started selling recumbents in 2001. I couldn’t keep up with them on my tiny wheel recumbent. Said to myself I need one of those.  In June I drove from Tallahassee, FL where we were living down to Plant City, FL to spend the day at Power On Cycling. I had met Mark Powers at the Rally. Test rode different recumbents and settled on the Bacchetta Giro with 26″ wheels front and rear. I really liked the comfort and handling of the short wheel base (SWB). Also it’s no longer than my mtn bikes making it easy to transport in the back of my van.

Today (2016) Power On Cycling is located in Newport, TN just a little over an hour from where we live in Black Mountain, NC. I used to have to drive over 5 hours to get my recumbent maintained. Now I drive an hour a couple times a year for maintenance. I like the fact that Bacchetta is still in business and the Giro style has not changed. It’s a great riding recumbent. I’ve put many miles on mine enjoying rail-trails across the country.