2006 Jim Schmid helps out at IMBA Trail Building School – Tallahassee, FL

Sandra I moved from Boise, ID to Tallahassee, FL at the end of 2005 so I could take on the position of Trails Coordinator for the National Forests in Florida. Munson Hills Mtn Bike Trail is in the Apalachicola National Forest just a little south of where we lived . This was a very sandy trail that needed a lot of TLC. I invited the IMBA Trail Care Crew (Kristin Butcher and Ryan Schutz) to put on one of their IMBA Trail Building Schools focused on Munson. During the three day school (Dec 8-10) we had a sit down presentation, ride on Munson Trails, night right, and a fun ride around Tallahassee on the last day. This was the kick off to my eight years of working on the Munson Mtn Bike Trails.

John Kalin was kind enough to allow me to post some of his photos of the weekend. To view all his photos visit www.tallahasseetrails.com/Trail-Build/IMBASORBA-2006-Trailbuilding. My website usually has lot of photos of others. Great to see John took so many of me that I can share.