The 1980s for me were a time of getting involved in bicycling. I went from riding, to advocating, to teaching cycling, to leading tours.  While teaching a Bicycle Touring Course at the University of South Carolina (USC) I found out about a program to get students over the age of 25 (I was 32) back in school. It was a chance to get a degree. I jumped at the offer. Six years later I had earned a Masters in Recreation Geography and taught 12 Bicycle Touring Courses (one each semester) in their PE Dept. USC still offers the course (Bicycle Touring PEDU 186) in the College of Education under Outdoor Activities.


April 4 to May 17 – Effective Cycling course


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I moved to Columbia, SC in 1979. In 1980 I bought a bicycle and started riding with the local club—the Carolina Cyclers. Jack Logomarsino, a University of South Carolina professor was very involved with the Club and cycling education. He taught his first League of American Wheelmen (LAW) Effective Cycling course in the Spring of 1981 at the University. We met each Saturday for classroom sessions and afternoon on-road bike skill rides.


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Taking the course grounded me in good bicycling techniques and also started me on a long journey of bicycling as well as teaching and advocating for bicycling. At the end of the course (May 17, 1981) we each received an Effective Cyclist certificate. Today LAW is known as the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and they offer Smart Cycling that teaches bicycling skills through certified instructors.

Link to Effective Cyclist course writeup.

November – I joined the local bicycle club – Carolina Cyclers


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June 10-13 – Attended League of American Wheelmen GEAR Rally – Charlotte, NC  

July 3-5 – Attended League of American Wheelmen GEAR UP Rally – Dayton, OH  

October 11-14 – Attended ProBike 82, Second International Conference for Bicycle Program Specialists – Colorado Springs, CO

November 5 – State Newspaper (Columbia, SC) article about Jim Schmid and bicycling

This article came out (Nov 5, 1982) a day before my 32nd birthday. I was biking everywhere, didn’t have a car at the time. Reporter (Betty Lynn Compton) contacted me for a story cause I was the town’s crazy bike guy.

Text from “Cool fall days great for biking”

By Betty Lynn Compton
Weekend Staff writer

People who ride bikes are often thought to be either crazy or forced to pedal because of economic reasons, says Jim Schmid.

But Schmid, who rides his bike almost everywhere, says “you don’t have to be an eccentric to live that way.”

Schmid doesn’t own a car, but he has two bikes—one for touring and one for commuting. He has biked all over the United States and frequently participates in biking conventions.

The fact that he rides at all is kind of amazing, considering he was born without 50 percent of the muscles and ligaments in his legs. Schmid said that as a youngster, he was called names by other children and left out of sports because of his disability. “Twenty years ago they didn’t do that much about crippled people,” he said.

But Schmid was determined to participate in some kind of athletics. “I took up jogging religiously,” he said, “and messed mu my ankles.” He also tried karate and “messed up my knees.” He got caught up in the “bike boom” of the ‘70s when he was living in California, but then turned to motorcycling. Finally, when he settled down in Columbia three years ago, he returned to biking, in a big way.

A second “bike boom” is going on right now, Schmid said. He got back into biking as exercise, but he’s progressed from being a casual rider to a commuting biker to, most recently, a bicycle advocate. As such, he not only promotes bicycling but works on establishing bike routes and educating people about how to ride safely. Schmid, who’s a carpenter by trade, has come a long way since the days when he was called “bird legs” by other children. “I just started wearing shorts when I started bicycling,” he said with a smile.

Schmid recently returned from a bike convention in Colorado where he was nominated for office of southeastern regional director of the League of American Wheelmen. He’s currently the state representative.

Schmid is also a member of a local biking club called the Carolina Cyclers which is open to anyone who has a bicycle and likes to ride. Schmid said members of the club are trying to break the image of being a racing, long-distance, elitist club. People of all ages belong to the Carolina Cyclers, which has some 250 members.

Members take historic rides through the city and leisure rides on Sunday afternoon, stopping for ice cream afterwards. People who’re interested in racing or longer rides will also find events geared to their tastes, such as 50 and 100-mile tours.

Schmid said the Sunday rides first started as an outreach program of the First Baptist Church, “so there’s a real good mix of people” who participate, he added. Schmid said the club was initially a racing club and then a long-distance touring club. But now its much more than that, offering members maintenance and riding clinics and effective cycling classes.

Schmid is also excited about a program he hopes to get started with the March of Dimes which will help crippled children learn to ride. “Those people helped me years ago,” he said of the March of Dimes.

The club is planning a historic ride through downtown Columbia Sunday, Nov. 14 from 2-4 p.m. Bikers should meet at the First Baptist Church Educational Annex at the corner of Marion and Taylor Streets. On Thanksgiving Day, the club will sponsor a 25-mile ride starting at 1 p.m. at the Family Mart in West Columbia. Bike rides are also planned for Nov. 6 and Nov. 20 when the Christmas Seal Lung Run and the Shandon Turkey Trot respectively are scheduled. Members of the club will be monitoring these runs, and will go for 15-mile rides afterwards. In addition, leisure rides are scheduled each Thursday at 5:30 p.m., leaving from Sims Park at the corner of Duncan and Bonham Streets.

People who are interested in finding out more about the activities of the Carolina Cyclers can pick up the club’s newsletter, which contains a calendar of events, at area bike shops. The club meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7p.m. in the First Baptist Church Educational Annex. Dues are $10 per person per year. The club will have its Christmas meeting and party on Dec. 13.

Effective Cyclists workshops

November 20 – I conducted my first bike workshop. I’m and ECI in training and you need to conduct workshops. Mike Criss, Carolina Cyclers Commuting VP helped. We had 14 students who paid $2 to learn how to quick check their bikes and what tools to carry on a bike ride.


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December 18 – my second workshop as part of ECI training. Had students take rear tire off their bikes and go through the steps to fix a flat. Then used blackboard to show where to ride on road in different situations.


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December 2 – took the 20 question Effective Cyclist Instructor essay test administered by Jack Logomarsino. Spent 6 hours answering the questions.

December 3 to 8 – Observed League of American Wheelmen winter Board meeting

I took Amtrak to Baltimore, MD. Walter Ezell, editor of League of American Wheelmen magazine had invited me. Was a chance to spend time with him, see the office, and observe winter Board meeting. I’m thinking of running for the Board this next year to represent the Southeast. Walter lived in South Carolina in 1979 when he came up with idea of a mountains to sea bicycle route. I’m working on the project now. I’ve added five more routes. Very productive weekend. My main memory is what happened at 6 pm on Saturday night. Everything stopped so Walter and his friends could sit around the radio and listen to A Prairie Home Companion. My first time. I was hooked and missed very few shows. Even enjoyed a couple of live performances. Today I enjoy listening to old shows. Yeah for the Internet.

First Baptist Church was kind to allow the Carolina Cyclers to host their monthly meetings and 1982 Christmas party in their Annex.


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I served 1983 as President of Carolina Cyclers bicycle club in Columbia, SC. The election was in November of 1982.


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Here’s the President’s Reports I could find. click to scroll thru them.


Plaque from Carolina Cyclers thanking Jim Schmid – 1983 President

January 13 to March 3 – Bicycle Maintenance and Repair, Basic – Midlands Technical College – Beltline Campus – Columbia, SC

This was my first semester long course using my Effective Cyclist knowledge. Midlands Tech paid me $160. Here’s what I wrote in my Journal.

Thursday Jan 13 – Have 12 students for evening class (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). Used overhead projector and went through introductory stuff.

Thursday Jan 27 – (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). Showed Effective Cycling video. Then went through how to fix a flat. Each student had to pretend their bike had a flat. They took the rear wheel off and took the tire off, then put it all back together.

Thursday Feb 3 – (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). Went over bicycling in traffic and then brake maintenance.

Saturday Feb 5 – We all met in the parking lot in the afternoon. Mike Criss from Carolina Cyclers helped out. Went through bike handling techniques then went on a short ride.

Thursday Feb 10 – (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). Mike Criss talked with group about bicycle commuting to work or school. We showed a video about commuting.

Thursday Feb 17 – (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). I went through chain, derailleurs, and bearings maintenance. Then showed them my bicycle touring slide show.

Tuesday Feb 22 – (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). This was our snow make up class. Talked about gear selection and we did some maintenance on our bikes.

Thursday Feb 24 – (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). Went over wheel truing. Then talked about bicycle touring and discussed the upcoming written test they each need to take to get an Effective Cyclist certificate and patch.

Thursday March 3 – (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm). Last class. Went over replacing a spoke and more on truing wheels. They all took the test. They need to come to next Carolina Cyclers club meeting to get their Effective Cycling patch and certificate.

Monday March 28 – Carolina Cyclers Club meeting at First Baptist Church annex. Presented Effective Cyclist patches and certificates to Midlands Tech students.


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February 9 – Effective Cyclist Instructor certificate #103 


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Taking the 1981 Effective Cyclist course really sparked in me an interest in cycling education and advocacy. Was pretty neat to be the 103rd person nationwide to be certified to teach Effective Cycling. Bill Frey was heading up the program for the League of American Wheelmen at the time. I ended up teaching EC workshops at LAW rallies. I certified a bunch of folks and even a few instructors.


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February 19-20 – Bicycle Touring Workshops at Outdoor Skills Weekend- Hickory Knob State Park – McCormick, SC

South Carolina Parks invited me to teach three bicycle touring sessions at their Outdoor Skills Weekend. Got paid $25. Here’s page from my Journal.

Friday Feb 18 – Outspokin Bike Shop loaned me two touring bikes and panniers. Ken Hussey drove us from Columbia, SC to Hickory Knob State Park (two hours). Set up displays in workshop room and off to bed.

Saturday Feb 19 – Had 15 people in my first bicycle touring workshop (8:30 am to 10 am). I had the rest of the day off. I went to an outdoor photography workshop and an outdoor cooking workshop. In the evening I presented a 10 minute slide show on bicycle touring to entire group. Ken helped me set up classroom for tomorrow’s workshop.

Sunday Feb 20 – Taught a 8:30 am to 10 am workshop and another from 10:30 am to noon. Then showed the slide show again to the group at lunch. Ken and I loaded up and headed back to Columbia at 1:30 pm.


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April 22 – Columbia Mayor signs May Bike Month proclamation

Mike Criss, Mary Hill, and I met with Columbia Mayor Kirkman Finley as he signed May Bike Month proclamation. [no photo or proclamation]

April 23 – Effective Cycling class for Aiken Bicycle Club

Saturday – Mike Criss and I drove over to Aiken to conduct all day bicycle workshop for 30 folks. Mike did his bicycle commuting presentation and I did my Effective Cycling slide show and talk.

April 25 – South Carolina Governor signs May Bike Month proclamation

Mike Criss, Mary Hill, and I met with South Carolina Governor Dick Riley as he signed May Bike Month proclamation. [no photo or proclamation]

May 7 – Effective Cyclist program presentation – Wilmington, NC

The Cape Fear Cyclists club invited me to a day long cycling workshop. Ralph Hirsch, League of American Wheelmen Legislative Director and Curtis Yates, Director of the North Carolina Bicycle and Pedestrian Program were also on the agenda. I did my hour-long slide show and talk on Effective Cycling.

May 18 – Won election for League of American Wheelmen Board seat

Ran for a seat on the Board of Directors of League of American Wheelmen (LAW) to represent Southern States. Don Trantow, new Executive Director for LAW called me on May 18 to congratulate me on my winning the election. Jack Goertz the incumbent from Alabama got 155 votes and I got 222. Don said I was the first Director to run a campaign with a mail out brochure and visiting clubs.

March 5-10 – My first swing through Florida to campaign for League of American Wheelmen seat on the Board.

April 5-16 – My second swing through Florida and Georgia to campaign for League of American Wheelmen seat on the Board.


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July 24-Aug 1 – attend my first League of American Wheelmen’s Board meeting and GEAR West – Seattle, WA. 




Life Member #645

At the 1983 GEAR West rally in Seattle, WA Dan Burden signed the cover of the August American Wheelmen magazine.


Jim – Congratulations again on your nomination to the Board

May 25 – While I was a student at University of South Carolina (USC) I worked part-time at both Tri-City Bicycle Shop in West Columbia and Outspokin’ Bicycle Shop in Columbia. I was teaching a Bicycle Touring course at USC and wanted the experience of working on bicycles. Also great to  get parts and accessories in compensation for working. I bought my first mtn bike – Specialized Stumpjumper and my first touring bike – Specialized Expedition from Outspokin. Also bought Sandra a Stumpjumper. Was a great experience. Outspokin’ Bicycle  Shop is still in town, but Tri-City Bicycle Shop closed long ago. I found this resume I had made as a student project. Really didn’t need it to get the bike shop jobs.

1983-5-25-resume-for bike-shop-job

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May 27-30 – attend League of American Wheelmen GEAR Up – Slippery Rock, PA .

June 1 – South Carolina Governor’s Forum on Leisure – Columbia, SC.

During the luncheon Mary Hill and I presented a slide show on bicycle touring map project from 12:15-12:25 pm. During the luncheon I received a State Recreation Award for my help with the statewide bicycle route mapping project. Mary and I conducted a more detailed workshop on mapping project from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.







June 16-19 – I conducted Effective Cycling workshop with John Bates at GEAR South – Athens, GA.

September 11 – Sierrafest – Bachman Group, Sierra Club

Mike Criss and I conducted two workshops on bike touring, Effective Cycling, and bicycle commuting. Sierrafest was held at the State/Record newspaper recreation area off US 321 south of Columbia, SC


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October 3 and November 9 – Columbia College presentations.

A teacher who wants to start at bicycle club at the College invited me speak to his P.E. classes. Oct 3 I showed a video and talked about bicycle commuting. Nov 9 did my slide show and talk on bicycle touring.

October 17 – Bicycle touring presentation at Bachman Group – Sierra Club monthly meeting.

Did my bicycle touring slide show and talked about the South Carolina Bicycle Touring map under development.

November 4-6 – SCAHPERD Annual Conference – Myrtle Beach, SC

I presented a workshop on Effective Cycling and new SC Bicycle Touring map. Set up a display in exhibit hall to advertise Map. Got 88 people signed up to have one mailed to them next month when printed.

December 9-11 – Winter LAW Board meeting in Baltimore, MD

Here’s a page from my Journal:

Friday Dec 9, 1983 – biked to Amtrak station at 3 am. Boxed up my bike. Caught train at 4:29 am headed for Baltimore, MD. Slept most of the way. Got in at 2:30 pm. Unboxed bike. Left box at station. Biked to LAW office. Said my hellos to everyone. Bought LAW gift memberships for Mike Criss, Linda Allen, Addie Harper, and Elwood Young as a thank you for help with CC club this past year. Walked over to AYH Hostel with Don Trantow, LAW Director. Checked in. Board members will be staying here. Walked back to office. Talked with Walter Ezell awhile. Walked back to AYH Hostel. I caught a cab with other directors across town to a restaurant to eat a halibut dinner. Got back to Hostel at 9:30 pm. Stayed up til midnight talking with other directors and staff. Slept in dorm.

Saturday Dec 10 – Up at 7:30 am. Showered. Walked to a small restaurant with Josh and Dick for breakfast. Ate an omelet. We got back to Hostel in time for 9 am Executive Board meeting. We met til 11:45 am. Lots of reports. We broke for lunch. Great health food store near the office. All the director’s met at office for a tour. Reconvened back at Hostel at 2:15 pm. More committee reports. Meeting ended at 4:30 pm. I walked Ralph Hirsch (League Legislative Director) to train station. He told me he turned in his resignation. The League has been through a lot of changes this past year. Looks like a lot more to come. Talked with John Forester about his feeling on the matter. He thinks Garnett McDonough has turned into a bully throwing her power around. Walked to Harbor Place to meet the other directors for dinner at City Lights. I ate stuffed flounder, we each paid this time, cost $13.00. League paid for last night’s dinner. Walked around til 9:30 pm. Ate some ice cream. Got back to Hostel at 10 pm. Talked with other directors til midnight. Lots of concern about changing the name of the League to “Bicycle USA.”

Sunday Dec 11 – Up at 7:30 am. Showered. Walked to LAW office to get my bike. Biked back to Hostel. Board meeting started at 9 am. I put forth two motions which passed. One that sent and apology letter to Bill Wilkerson, and the second that we draft a resolution thanking Ralph Hirsch for his work on behalf of the League. Biked to Amtrak at noon. Boxed up bike and got on the train. Got back to Columbia, SC at 10:30 pm. Was raining. Unboxed bike and biked home. Got to bed at 11pm.

December 20 – South Carolina Bicycle Touring Guide printed

After two years of research, driving routes, and then biking them the Guide is finally done. Link to Guide page.


Jan 21 – April 28 – Teach first USC Bicycle Touring course

April 12 – South Carolina Governor signs May Bike Month Proclamation

Put on my suit and walked to State House. Mike Criss (Commuting VP for Carolina Cyclers) couldn’t make it so I met with Governor Dick Riley by myself. He signed the May Bike Month Proclamation. Gave him one of the new South Carolina Bicycle Touring Guides. [no proclamation]


April 18 – Columbia Mayor signs May Bike Month Proclamation

Mike Criss, Mary Hill, and I met with Columbia, SC Mayor Kirkman Finley as he signs May Bike Month proclamation.



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April 19 – Florence Bicycle Club presentation

I was invited to make presentation to bicycle club in Florence, SC. Laura Rich loaned me her car. I got to Florence at 7 pm. Set up Bicycle Touring Guide display. Did my slide show and talk about bicycle touring. Three people joined the League of American Wheelmen. Had a good time. Nice folks. They gave me $15 to help with gas.

May 13 – Touring on two wheels article by Jay Bender in State Newspaper – Columbia, SC


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June 8-11 – Conduct Effective Cyclist class at GEAR Charlotte, NC

June 16-30 – Attend AYH National Leadership Training Course – Cullowhee, NC

July 1-5 – Attend League of Wheelmen Board meeting and National Convention – Indianapolis, IN

July 16 – Coastal Cyclists presentation

I went to Coastal Cyclists Bike Club meeting at Mark Welch’s house. About thirty folks. I did my bike touring slide show. Then we talked until 10 pm. One of their club members was killed last week in a hit and run. They caught the guy later. Last week I had talked with Tal LeGrand, Highway Safety Engineer after hearing of the accident. He said 11 people have been killed in car/bike accidents in South Carolina since June 1. We all want to make the public more aware of bikes on the road. Mark talked to me about becoming an ECI.

Sept 8-Dec 1 – Teach second USC Bicycle Touring course

September 20 – Greenville Spinners presentation

Sandy and I left Columbia, SC at 3:30 pm. Drove to Greenville, SC. Got there at 6 pm. About 40 members of the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club showed up. They meet at Maureen’s Deli. Did my bicycle touring and South Carolina bike guide talk and slide show. They gave me $20 for gas. Got back to Columbia at midnight.

Here’s a photo of Sandy holding banner with all my League of American patches sewn on. I took it to many a meeting.


September 30 – Sierra Club John Bachman Group Sierra Fest presentation

I was invited to present my bike touring slide show and another presentation on new South Carolina Bicycle Touring guide. Sandy helped me with the presentation.

October 25 – Wearing Carolina Cyclers T-shirt



October 25 – USC Bike Club presentation

I did my bike touring slide show for the newly formed University of South Carolina Bike Club.

November 1 – Rock Hill Bicycle Club presentation

Elwood Young, owner of a bike shop in Rock Hill, SC invited me up to do my bike touring slide and talk about the new SC Bike Map to Rock Hill Bicycle Club. 22 members were there. Sandy came with me.

November 29 – USC Bike Club presentation

I did my Effective Cyclist slide show for the USC Bike Club. We met in the Russell House on campus.

December 7-9 – Winter LAW Board meeting in Baltimore, MD

Here’s a page from my Journal:

Friday, December 7 – At 6:30 am I took Amtrak from Columbia, SC to Baltimore, MD for winter LAW Board meeting. Amtrak now charges $10 to take your bike – but they provide the box. Got in at 4:30 pm. Walked to the AYH Hostel. Most all the Board members were here by 6:30 pm. We all walked to a nearby seafood restaurant. I ate a flounder dinner. We got back to hostel at 9 pm. Was asleep by 10:30 pm.

Saturday, December 8 – Up at 8 am. Showered. Board meeting started at 9 am. Tension in the air. LAW is $100,000 in the hole. So lots of talk about budget and how to cut costs. We all walked to the nearby People’s Market for lunch. It’s a lot of individual eating spots under one roof. Ate a thing called the Earth sandwich, bought one for the train ride. We walked back to Hostel and met from 1-7:30 pm. Boy, do these people like to talk. We walked to the seafood restaurant from last night. I ate the flounder dinner again. We continued our meeting 9:30-11 pm. The Board is split into faction so hard to move forward. Phyllis Harmon was given Board voting rights in exchange for the $5,000 a year LAW had been paying her. We have a lot of work still to do. Was surprised to see Christine Manor, former office manager. She came by to say hello and to thank us for mentioning her in the LAW magazine. She had been very upset when she was let go last year.

Sunday, December 9 – Up at 7 am to shower. Walked to a diner with some of the Board members. Ate an omelet. Meeting started at 8 am. We met until 1 pm. Finally passed the budget. Steve Leiby, LAW treasurer and Jim Reynolds, Board member were upset by the budget – they resigned and walked out. Wild times. Was decided to elect all new officers. I was a bit upset, no one asked me my opinion or if I wanted to remain as vice president. Oh well. New President – Dave Shaw, Vice President – Bill Roy, Treasurer – Dick Cardner. Gordon Peltz remained as Secretary. Dave ran the last of the meeting instead of Garnett. There will be another vote in July for officers. People really wanted to get Garnett out as President. She seemed to take it in stride. Not like last year when she was really defensive. I packed up and walked to Amtrak station. Train left at 1:45 pm. Will take 22 hours to get to Miami, FL. Headed to ProBike 84.

Dec 9-13 – Attend Probike 84 – Miami, FL


January 4-10 – Attended Bikecentennial Leadership Trail Course – San Diego, CA

January 26 – May 4 – Teach third USC Bicycle Touring course.

February 1 – Tour De Tropicana Bicycle Race

I  volunteered to be a State Coordinator for this big race that planned to come through Columbia, SC. Race never happened. But here’s my name tag.


February 21 – Article about Jim Schmid – The Carolina Reporter – University of South Carolina newspaper


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February 28 – Signed up as AYH Life Member

In 1984 I attended the AYH Leadership Training Course in NC and 1985 was my first year to lead a tour. I decided to go ahead and become a life member. I received my card on February 28.


May – Bike Month Proclamation signed by South Carolina Governor Dick Riley (no photo just proclamation)


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May 25- 26 – Conducted Effective Cyclist class at GEAR in the Bluegrass – Georgetown, KY

July 1-6 – Attend LAW Board meeting and National Rally – Madison, WI

Sept 14 – Dec 7 – Teach fourth USC Bicycle Touring course.

December 13-15 – Winter LAW Board meeting in Baltimore, MD

Here’s a page from my Journal:

Friday, December 13 – Sandy drove me to the Columbia, SC airport. Took off at 11 am. In Charlotte, NC had a one and half hour layover. Got to Baltimore, MD at 3 pm. Took a limo to hotel. Checked in. I’m sharing a room with Ernie Fisher. Went on a walk around the neighborhood. Board members got together in lobby at 6 pm. We walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. I ate pasta. We talked til 9:30 pm. Got back to room and to bed at 10:30 pm.

Saturday, December 14 – Up at 7:30 am. Ate a muffin. Board meeting started at 9 am. We took lunch break at 12:30 pm. Talked with Peggy Skoeneki about the upcoming Kodak Liberty Ride Festival. Decisions have not been made. They are having a national meeting on January 4, 1986 and nothing to do until they meet. Got back with Board and we met until 4 pm. A short break. I walked to a local bookstore to buy Sandy a book “Forest Coloring” and a Xmas card which I mailed to her. Meeting ended at 6:30 pm. Smooth meeting – no outbursts. We approved the budget with no dissension. I caught the trolley to Harbor Place. Bought Sandy a kite. Bought salad and a bagel and brought food back to room. Ate and studied.

Sunday, December 15 – Up at 7 am. Shaved and showered. Board met at 8 am for Danish and juice. Meeting wrapped up at 1 pm. Board gave Don Trantow, Executive Director a raise to $39,500. Said our good-byes. I went on a short walk. Sunny but cold. At 3 pm Keith Kingbay, Ernie Fisher, and I shared a taxi to the airport. Caught a 4 pm flight. Got to Columbia, SC at 5:30 pm. Sandy was there to meet me.


Jan 25 – April 26 – Teach fifth USC Bicycle Touring course.

February 5 – Columbia Running Club presentation

Columbia Running Club invited me to make a presentation at their monthly meeting. 45 runners showed up at Pizza Inn in Five Points for 7:30 pm meeting. I talked about cycling in traffic. Had made some handouts with traffic diagrams. Restaurant is not conducive to a slide show. Wrapped up at 9 pm.

March 19 – Columbia Mayor Finley signs May Bike Month Proclamation

Andi DesJardins, John McBride, Cyndee Grant and I met with Columbia, SC Mayor Kirkman Finley as he signs May Bike Month proclamation.



April 7 – South Carolina Governor Riley signs May Bike Month Proclamation

Mary Bundrick, Jim Testor, Andi DesJardins and I met with South Carolina Governor Dick Riley as he signs May Bike Month proclamation.



April 15 – USC Bike Club presentation

Attended USC Bike Club meeting at Russell House. John Winberry (USC Geography Professor) is Club advisor. He as in my first USC Bicycle Touring course. Showed them the mtn bike slide show I had put together for Geography of Recreation class.

May 18 – Organized local Kodak Liberty Ride Festival event – Columbia, SC

Sept 6 – Dec 13 – Teach sixth USC Bicycle Touring course.

Nov 21-23 – Teach Effective Cycling workshop at North Carolina Bicycle Federation annual meeting – Chapel Hill, NC


Jan 31-April 25 – Teach seventh USC Bicycle Touring course.

June 13-August 21 – Received certificate from AYH for co-leading 4,050-mile cross-country bike trip.


Sept 12-Nov 21 – Teach eight USC Bicycle Touring course.

October 12 – USC Bicycling Short Course

The University offers Short Courses and I decided to offer some one night bike classes. This was my first one. Eight folks showed up at PE Center for 6 to 9 pm class. Talked about biking, showed the Effective Cyclist video, and used my overheads to keep me on track. Showed off my biked and camping gear. I had bought 100 Basic Bicycling books last week. I want a book I can sell to students. Each student bought one for $5.

December 20 – Received Geography Bachelor of Arts degree  from University of South Carolina.


Jan 23-April 23 – Teach ninth USC Bicycle Touring PEDU 186 course.

January 29 – The South Carolina Department of Highways Transportation 2020 committee met at SC Parks, Recreation and Tourism building. At 3 pm I presented my testimony advocating for improved bicycle infrastructure for the State. I had submitted my testimony in writing last week. I was the only cyclists to testify.

Friday, April 21 – Received Julian J. Petty Award from University of South Carolina Geography Department.


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Friday, September 15 – Signed up as Bikecentennial Lifemember #20

I  took out an American Youth Hostels life membership in 1985 and a League of American Wheelmen life membership in 1986. I had wanted to do the same with Bikecentennial, but they didn’t have a life membership category. So I wrote Gary McFadden the executive director a few times and even talked with him on the phone. Was surprised to get a letter saying he had to offer the life membership to his board first and I could be number 20 if still interested. So of course I jumped at the chance.


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April 26& 30 – Conduct USC Bicycle Short Course

May 10-June 6 – Intern at American Youth Hostels Headquarters – Washington, DC

Sept 10-Nov 19 – Teach tenth USC Bicycle Touring PEDU 186 course.

Sept 22 – Announcements in State newspaper about USC short courses. I had held a short course in the Spring so I offered three more in the Fall. Did not get enough people to sign up to hold the courses. Here’s the ads that ran in the Calendar section on Sept 22 and Oct 13.


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Jan 21-April – 15 Teach eleventh USC Bicycle Touring PEDU 186 course.

March 16 – Raleigh, NC Rails-to-Trails workshop

Attended all day Rails-to-Trails workshop with Gordon Hamilton (South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism employee) in Raleigh, NC. Met Marianne Fowler – Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Southern Field Rep for the first time.

March 20-23 – Attend National Association of State Recreation Planners meeting in Charleston, SC.

March 23 – Announcement in State newspaper for Fat Tire Bicycling workshop to be held April 3 and 8. Not enough people signed up. So no workshop.



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March 30 – Presented “Planning for a Bicycle Vacation” through USC Short Course program.

April 13 & 20 – Announcement in State newspaper for Shandon bike tour to be held April 23. Not enough people signed up. So no ride.



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April 21 – New bike racks for State Museum

Back on February 1 met with guy from GSA at entrance to new State Museum. Showed him different styles of bike racks. He picked one he can fabricate. We decided to add three each to sides of main entrance doors. They installed them in April and I took this picture. Pretty neat.



Sunday, September 23, 1984 – Sandra and I attended a tour of the building that will be the future State Museum. I took  this picture of Sandra at the entrance. Sandra and I brought our bike tour groups here and they let us bike around the inside of the large warehouse. Neat that five years later they installed the bike racks I suggested.


Sandy Young State Museum Columbia, SC 9-23-84

October 29, 1988 – Sandra and I attended the grand opening of the new State Museum. I took this picture of Sandra on our way to ceremony.


June 15 – Rail-trail presentation to the Central South Carolina Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society – Columbia, SC



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June 17 – Railroad Beds Turn Hiking Trails Guignard Brick article by Will Moredock in State newspaper – Columbia, SC



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July 26-29 – Attend National Rails-to-Trail Conference in Dayton, OH.

September-October South Carolina Wildlife magazine Roundtable note on my rail-trail research.

Sept 9-Nov 11 – Teach twelfth USC Bicycle Touring PEDU 186 course.

Oct 10 – The Herald newspaper rails to trails article – Rock Hill, SC


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Dec 20  – Earned Master of Arts degree in Recreation Geography from the University of South Carolina.

My thesis was a study of the abandoned rail corridors in South Carolina and which ones would have potential as a rail-trail.

1989 South Carolina Rail-Trails: Inventory and Prospect


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