Saturday, February 6 – helped with Florida Youth Equestrian Trails Expo – Fort Braden Tract, Lake Talquin State Forest


Alex Weiss FL Office of Greenways and Trails

Alex Weiss with the Florida Office of Greenways and Trails invited me to participate in her first Youth Equestrian Expo. She wanted to inspire young equestrians to become active trail users, encourage advocacy and volunteerism on behalf of equestrian trails, and offer education in land conservation ethics.

I got to Fort Braden Tract on Lake Talquin State Forest (nine miles west of Tallahassee, FL) at 7 am and helped set up seven learning stations along a stretch of equestrian trail. As part of the opening remarks I gave a short introduction of the Forest Service’s mission and how it relates to equestrian trails. The kids divided into small groups and walked to each station. I was at the last station and talked to the groups about trails and stream crossings. We wrapped up at 2 pm and I helped clean up.

Friday to Sunday, March 19-21 – attended IMBA/SORBA meeting at Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC

I drove 400 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) near Bryson City, NC to attend weekend meeting of board members of Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association (SORBA) and International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). While there I also mtn biked trails on NOC property and trails at Tsali Recreation Area each day.

Wednesday to Saturday, May 5-8 – attended IMBA’s 2010 World Summit – Augusta, GA

On Tuesday, May 4 I drove 300 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Augusta, GA to attend the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) World Summit. The presentations were from 8 am to 3 pm each day which gave time for some biking. I stayed at the Augusta Marriott Hotel where Summit was held. Besides sitting in on sessions I always enjoy the exhibit hall where I can talk with vendors and club reps.

I drove to Forks Area Trails System (FATS) in nearby Sumter National Forest to bike a couple of loops. I also biked the Greeneway Trail in North Augusta, SC and the newest segment of the Bartram Trail at nearby J. Strom Thurmond Lake that was designed for mtn biking.

Friday to Sunday, July 16-18 – attended Southeastern Equestrian Trail (SETC) Conference, Atlanta, GA

I drove 250 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Atlanta, GA to attend the three-day SETC conference.

Tuesday, September 21 – helped organize inaugural meeting of Florida National Scenic Trail Coalition – Tallahassee, FL

I was the interim manager for Florida National  Scenic Trail (FNST) as well  as trail manager for the trails on the National Forests in Florida. We put together a coalition of agencies and volunteers the length of the FNST. This was  the first time bringing everyone together for a day long meeting. Here’s the meeting notes that we mailed out.

Friday, October 1 – took on duties of Administrator for the Florida National Scenic Trail

Jim-Schmid's-FNST-biz-card-10-1-10Michelle Mitchell, Administrator for the Florida National Scenic Trail has moved to the Forest Service’s Southern Region Forest office in Atlanta, GA to take on the role of Partnership, Volunteer, and Service Program Manager for the Southeast Forests. I was asked to take on the duties of Administrator until her replacement could be hired. Turns out I was Administrator as well as Forest Trails Coordinator until I retired in January 2014.

Monday to Friday, October 4-8 – attended Trail Management: Plans, Projects, and People workshop at National Conservation Training Center – Shepherdstown, WV

On Sunday I flew to West Virginia and drove to Shepherdstown. WV to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s National Conservation Training Center. Attended a full week of classroom and field experience covering trail planning, design layout, construction, maintenance, monitoring, crew leadership, interpretation, operations, and safety.

Monday to Friday, October 18-22 – Scenic Trails Workshop – Reisterstown, MD

On Sunday I few to Baltimore with Megan Eno and Dan McKeague. We rented a car and drove to Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center in Reisterstown, MD where we attended the week long Scenic Trails Workshop hosted by the Partnership for the National Trails System.

November – received certificate of merit for managing trails on the National Forests in Florida and the Florida National Scenic Trail.


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Sunday to Wednesday, November 14-17 – attended 20th American Trails National Trails Symposium – Chattanooga, TN.

On Friday I drove 400 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Chattanooga, TN. Attended the Southern Forest Service’s all day recreation staff meeting on Saturday. Then I sat in on sessions at National Trails Symposium from Sunday to Wednesday. Drove back to Tallahassee, on Thursday.


February 11 – received email from new Florida Trail Association Director congratulating me on my detail as FNST Administrator becoming permanent.



Sunday to Wednesday, February 13-16 – participated in Hike the Hill week – Washington, DC

On Saturday Megan Eno and I flew to Washington, DC to attend the annual Hike the Hill Trails and Advocacy Week sponsored by American Hiking Society. On Sunday I sat in on Partnership for the National Trails System meeting. Ate dinner with Florida Trail Association (FTA) staff. Met their new Executive Director, Dennis Miranda. He’s moving to Florida next week to start. Monday was a hike from 10 am to 11:30 am on the National Mall. We met at the Lincoln Hike-the-Hill-group-at-Capitol-2-14-11Memorial and hiked to Capitol to help raise awareness for trails. Tuesday was another Partnership meeting. Then a meeting with FTA staff and Forest Service Washington Office (WO) staff. Wednesday was all day meeting with Forest Service National Scenic Trail (NST) Administrators and Johnathan Stephens, WO Trails Staff, and Donavon Albert, WO web manager. He’s going to set up a  website  for each NST. On Thursday we flew back to Tallahassee.

Friday to Sunday, March 11-13 – attended Florida Trail Association Annual Conference – Fruitland, FL

On Friday Sandra and I drove 200 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Fruitland, FL to attend FTA’s conference at the Life Enrichment Center which started in the evening. Saturday was all day presentations. Susan Matthews our Forest Supervisor presented Florida Trail book to Pete Durnell FTA outgoing president. Fred Davis, new FTA president, introduced me as FNST Administrator and gave me a FTA T-shirt as a welcome. After Sunday morning sessions Sandra and I drove back to Tallahassee.

Tuesday to Thursday, March 15-17 – attended Professional Trailbuilders Association Conference – Asheville, NC

PTBA-logoOn March 14 I drove with Chuck Goodheart, Trails Manager for City of Tallahassee Parks & Trails from Tallahassee, FL to Asheville, NC  to attend the Professional Trailbuilders Association Conference. This is their second conference away from Reno, NV. I went to Reno back in 1992 for my first Trailbuilders meeting. Back then they were called the Western Trailbuilders Association. I also attended the 2009 Conference here in Asheville. I attended all day workshops on March 15&16. I especially liked the exhibit hall and enjoyed talking with trail workers. Outside was a demo area with mechanized trail equipment in use. Fun to watch.  On the 17th Chuck Goodheart and I drove to Bent Creek Experimental Forest to bike a loop.  We wanted to ride the downhill Greens Lick Trail. Trail Dynamics (Woody Keen, Ed Sutton, and crew) converted an old forest road into a downhill mtn bike trail.  [We really enjoyed the ride. Next time I rode the trail loop was 2022]. We drove back to Tallahassee on March 18.

Friday to Sunday, March 25-27 – attended IMBA / SORBA Southern Mountain Bike Summit – Brevard, NC

Southern-MTB-Summit-logo-3-25-11On Thursday I drove 400 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Brevard, NC to attend the first IMBA / SORBA Southern Mountain Bike Summit which will start tomorrow. On Friday and Saturday over 200 folks showed up at Brevard Library for presentations. On Saturday I was part of a panel of Forest Service staff (Debbie Caffin, Randy Burgess, and Michelle Mitchell from our Regional Office in Atlanta, GA) to speak about the importance of volunteer partnerships and how to improve recreation opportunities. I showed a PowerPoint of my history with mtn biking and the trail work we’re doing  on Munson Hills Mountain Bike Trail on Apalachicola National Forest. Heavy rains canceled the planned Saturday afternoon and Sunday mtn bike rides.

Link to mtn bike PowerPoint I presented – 2011 – IMBA-SORBA workshop – Brevard, NC



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May – announcement in Florida Trail Association Footprint magazine welcoming me as new FNST Administrator


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Saturday to Wednesday, May 14-18 – attended 13th National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference – Partnership for the National Trails System, Abingdon, VA
Local hosts were Overmountain Victory Trail Association and Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

On Thursday, May 12 Sandra and I drove 450 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Montreat, NC to spend two nights. Then on Saturday drove to Damascus,  VA to attend Partnership meeting and walk around Trail Days festival and watch the parade [link to Jim, Sandra and Willow at Trail Days]. In the evening we went to Abingdon’s Heartwood Artisans Center [now known as Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace] for conference opening reception. Sunday took place outdoors with Overmountain Victory Trail Association members dressed in period clothes led us in a march to  the Muster Grounds for lunch and educational showcase. Monday to Wednesday was workshops and field trips. Our beautiful dog Willow was with us so she  joined us at Trails Days and on a hike along Appalachian Trail and a hike on Virginia Creeper Trail.


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Conf-announcement-OVTA newsletter-2010

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November – received certificate of merit for leadership managing the Florida National Scenic Trail and the trails of the National Forests in Florida


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Saturday, February 4 – presented at Celebrating the Arizona Trail: A Dream Come True – Tempe, AZ

On Thursday, February 2 I flew from Tallahassee, FL to Phoenix,  AZ. Rented a car and drove east to Picket Post Mtn Passage of Arizona for a  short  hike. On Friday I met with Tonto National Forest Rec Planner, then met with Laura White who is the Federal Administrator for the Arizona National Scenic Trail. She works out of the Coronado National Forest office in Tucson, AZ. Saturday was all day celebration of the completion of the Arizona Trail – now a National Scenic Trail. I showed a PowerPoint on the early days of the Trail when I was the first Trail Steward back in 1993 (see below). Sunday I rented a bike and went on a ride. Flew home on Monday.


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Sunday to Wednesday, February 12-15 – participated in Hike the Hill week – Washington, DC

On Sunday morning I flew from Tallahassee, FL to Washington, DC. Sat in on a Hike the Hill meeting in the afternoon. Hike the Hill is a joint effort between American Hiking Society and Partnership for the National Trails System to bring together the trails community to advance shared trail priorities with congressional and federal agency leaders including trails funding and public lands management. On Monday was a all day meeting of the Forest Service National Scenic Trail administrators and Johnathan Stephens, FS Washington office trails staff. Megan Eno and Dan McKeague from Florida are here. Tuesday another day of meetings. We had a Florida partnership meeting on Wednesday morning – Johnathan Stephens, Jim Bedwell (FS WO Rec Staff), Megan, Dan and me respresenting Forest Service and Kent Wimmer and Carlos  Shomaker representing Florida Trail Association. Flew home in the afternoon.

Saturday, September 22 – organized first Florida National Scenic Trail Symposium – Central Florida  Zoo, Sanford, FL

On Friday drove 285 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Sanford, FL with Megan Eno – FNST staff, and two FNST interns Guy and Jennifer. I had a dinner meeting with Susan Matthews – Forest Supervisor and Carlos Shomaker – President of Florida Trail Association.

Saturday was the big day. We got to the Central Florida Zoo at 8 am. Set up the room. Symposium started at 9 am. 140 folks showed up. I  was the MC. Susan Matthews welcomed the group. Jim Kern – founder of the Florida Trail was the opening speaker. Followed by Taylor Stein – University of Florida, Megan Eno – FNST, Bob Degross – Big Cypress National Preserve, Carlos Shomaker and Chuck Norris – FTA. Wrapped up at noon. Drove back to Tallahassee the next day.

In 2011 I attended The Florida Outdoor Recreation Coalition (FLORC) Summit at Central Florida Zoo in Sanford, FL where I spoke with John Waldron – founder of  FLORC about the idea to host a Florida National Scenic Trail Symposium the morning of his Summit. We only needed 3 hours to update folks on our progress with the Trail. 2012 went very well with 140 Florida Trail supporters showing up. The 2013 Symposium was a celebration of the FNST’s 30th anniversary.

November – received certificate of merit for contributions to the Trails and Recreation programs National Forests in Florida

Jim-Schmid's US-Forest-Service-Certificate-of-Merit-FL-Nov-2012

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Monday to Friday, November 5-9 – attended National Scenic Trail workshop – National Conservation Training Center – Sheperdstown, WV

On Monday Megan Eno – FNST Partnership Coordinator and I flew from Tallahassee, FL to Washington, DC and rented a car and drove to Harpers Ferry, WV to visit with folks at Appalachian Trail Conservancy headquarters and then National Park’s Appalachian Trail office. Then drove to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center in Sheperdstown, WV to attend the week long National Scenic Trail workshop hosted by the Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS). Megan and I had lunch meeting with Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Forest Service staff. The next few days were all-day meetings to discuss NST and partnership issues. On Wednesday night I sat in on a three hour meeting with Florida Trail Association staff and members and Johnathan Stephens – WO FS Trails staff, Gary Werner – director of PNTS, Steve Elkinton – NPS, Beth Boyst – PCNST Administrator to discuss FS and FTA relationship. Flew home on Friday.


Sunday to Thursday, February 10-14 – participated in 16th Annual Hike the Hill week – Washington, DC

Hike-the-Hill-GraphicHike is the Hill is an annual policy event organized by the American Hiking Society and Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS). On Sunday flew from Tallahassee, FL to Washington, DC. Sat in on afternoon partnership meeting. On Monday was a meeting with WO Forest Service Staff, Florida Trail Association (FTA) staff and members, and FNST staff. On Tuesday Megan Eno – FNST Partnership Coordinator, Carlos Shomaker – FTA president, and I met Hike-the-Hill-logowith Johnathan Stephens – WO FS Trails staff for an hour to discuss FS and FTA partnership. On Wednesday more meetings. And Thursday was an all day meeting with Johnathan Stephens and Trail administrators from other FS National Scenic Trails. Flew home late in the day.

Sunday to Wednesday, April 14-17 – attended 21st American Trails International Trails Symposium – Fort Mc Dowell Yavapai Nation Conference Center near Fountain Hills, AZ

I  flew from Tallahassee, FL to Phoenix, AZ a few days early to rent a bike and ride a few trails before the International Trails Symposium started on Sunday April 14. Next few days sat in on sessions and walked through exhibit hall. In my work journal I wrote a list of all the folks I talked to: Jerry Barrow, Roger Bell, Laura Belleville, Tony Boone, Jim Coffman, Bill Cook, Christopher Douwes, Steve Elkinton, John Favro, Marianne Fowler, Kim Frederick, Scott Groenier, Jan Hancock, Terry Heslin, Liz Hildenbrand, Allison Jones, Woody Keen, Leon LeVigne, Scott Linnenburger, Sandi McFarland, Annie McVay, Kevin Meyer, Roger Moore, Matt Nelson, Bob Ratcliffe, Bob Richards, Rory Robinson, Tina Russo, Jaime Schmidt, Jamie Schwartz, Helen Scully, Eric Smith, Laura White, Janet Zeller. Always the best part of conference – talking with trail folks. Flew home on Thursday.

Friday to Monday, July 19-22 – Sandra and I attended 39th Biennial Conference of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy – Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

AT-Conf-logo-2013Sandra thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2001 and enjoys attending their conferences. We drove from Tallahassee, FL to Montreat, NC the week before the Conference to spend time with Sandra’s parents at their vacation home. Then on Friday July 19 we drove to Western Carolina University in Cullowhee,  NC for start of conference. We stayed in one of the college dorms. I was here back in 1984 to attend AYH National Leadership Training Course. I stayed in dorm back then also. Next few days were spent in workshops, walking through exhibit hall, and hiking. We headed home late Monday.

Tuesday, August 13 – received certificate in recognition of 15 years with Forest Service


Tuesday to Thursday, September 10-12 – Sandra and I attended two and a half day Federal retirement training in Atlanta, GA. Time to retire is getting near.

September 28 – link to Florida National Scenic Trail 30th Anniversary Celebration that I helped organize

Sunday to Wednesday, November 2-6 – attended National Scenic and Historic Trails Conference – Tucson, AZ

I flew from Tallahassee, FL to Tucson, AZ early to hike and ride some trails before the conference started on Sunday.

2013 Jim Schmid bicycles Julian Wash Greenway – Tucson, AZ (Nov 4)

2013 Jim Schmid mtn bikes at Fantasy Island – Tucson, AZ (Nov 4)

2013 Jim Schmid  hikes on Arizona Trail near Tucson, AZ (Nov 2)

2013 Jim Schmid hikes on Pacific Crest Trail – Laguna Mtns, CA (Oct 30)

On Sunday night was the All Souls Procession in downtown Tucson. It’s part of the Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) observance. Thousands of costumed Tucsonans and visitors paraded carrying mementos and displays made in honor of loved ones who have passed away. Conference participants were encouraged to attend. I walked the route during the parade.

The Conference is hosted every other year by the Partnership for the National Trails System. The next few days lots of sessions to sit in on. Susan Matthews – National Forests in Florida talked to the group about our new Florida National Scenic Trail Coalition. Flew home on November 7.


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December 10 – received Regional Forester award for work on OHV recreation on the Ocala National Forest. Also received a special recognition award from INOVAA (International Off-Highway Vehicle Administration Association)

Jim-Schmid's Reg-Forester-Award-for-promoting-recreation-FL-Dec-10-13

Jim-Schmid's INOHVAA-Special-Recognition-Award-FL-Dec-10-13


January 9 – retirement party – last November I turned 62 and decided to retire. Office staff was kind enough to host a party.




Here’s the next ten year wish list I put together with FNST staff input

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Here’s emails I received wishing me well in retirement

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January – as a retirement present to myself I spent three weeks at Hippocrates Health Institute – West Palm Beach, FL


September – Sandra and I have moved from Tallahassee, FL to Black Mountain, NC and I’ve taken WordPress classes and seminars at Asheville-Buncombe Community College (AB Tech). Developed my own website so of course I needed card I can hand out to folks.



Friday & Saturday, September 16&17 – volunteered at North Carolina Bike Summit – Asheville, NC

Jim-Schmid's-nametag-NC-Bike-Summit-Asheville-NC-9-16to17-16During the two-day Summit I introduced speakers and helped set up and break down. This was there 5th Annual Summit. I heard about it from local bike advocate Julie White. We both live in Black Mountain, NC not far from Asheville, NC.

Here’s the program from the Summit

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Friday, May 5 – attended Miami Valley Cycling Summit – Dayton, OH

I’m in Dayton, OH to drop in on the American Trail’s International Trails Symposium. I came to town a few days early to bike some trails. I read about the Miami Valley Cycling Summit and decided to attend the day long event to learn more about local cycling. Besides it was raining so great to be indoors.

2017 Jim Schmid bicycles Great Miami River Trail – Dayton, OH (May 3)


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Sunday, May 7 – dropped in on International Trails Symposium Free Public Event – Dayton, OH

I was on my way north in my Quest to ride more Hall of Fame Rail-Trails. Stopped off  in Dayton, OH. American Trails was offering a free event so I dropped in to walk through the exhibit hall and got the chance to talk with trail folks I  know.

2017 Jim Schmid attends International Trails Symposium free public event – Dayton, OH (May 7)

2017 Jim Schmid bicycles 15-mile Creekside Trail – Dayton, OH (May 6)

2017 Jim Schmid bicycles Mad River Trail – Dayton, OH (May 6)


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Tuesday, June 20 – in 2015 I  met a couple of guys who live in The Settings, here in Black Mountain, NC and they asked for my help in scouting a  trail on their property. We started out with a trail along a creek the a trail to the rim above their property. We even had a few trail  work days, but most of the work was performed my Ed Sutton and his Trail Dynamics crew. On June 2Oth Randy Sarton who lives in the Settings and was at all our scouting and volunteer days gave me a glass recognition award for my help – Jim Schmid Trailblazer in recognition of your extraordinary contributions to The Setting of Black Mountain trail system.






Thursday, March 1


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