Tuesday, January 25Park Staff meeting at Hickory Knob State Park. Our Trails Session started at 3 pm. I introduced Bill Victor, local mtn bike advocate who talked about Mecca Trails project which is based here in McCormick County, then I introduced Bob Martin, Palmetto Conservation Foundation staff member who also talked about the Mecca Trails project. I introduced Deno Contos, our new PRT Trails Specialist who talked about upcoming trail workshops and the tool trailers. I talked about the Recreational Trails Program grants that Parks have received (12 – $172,000) and talked about the State Parks trails inventory I conducted (122 trails – 313 miles). I presented Irvin Pitts, Park employee with a framed picture of Landsford Canal Spider Lilies. I wanted to thank him for his ten years of working on State Park trails. Deno and I showed off one of the tool trailers in the parking lot.


Monday, February 7 – received SC Trail Volunteer buttons designed by Sandy Husmann.


Tuesday, February 8 – received 100 SC Trail Crew hats. Next day drove to Table Rock State Park to meet with trail crew and give them hats and T-shirts. I took these pictures on February 3, 2022. Soon after I gave the hat to current SC Trails Coordinator – Neal Hamilton. Still in good shape after 21 years.

Friday, March 24Sierrafest at Future Farmers of America (FFA) Center in Cherry Grove, SC. I setup SCTrails display and put literature out.

Saturday, March 25 – Had 40 folks at my 8 pm presentation about South Carolina trails. Gave out lots of door prizes along with a hiking vest and walking stick.

Tuesday, March 28The Governor’s Summit on Growth in Greenville, SC. I was on a panel with Tom Chinn – Palmetto Trails Coordinator and Gary Mixon – Director of Sumter County Recreation & Parks. We talked about trails from 2 to 3:30 pm.

Saturday, April 8 – US Forest Service Recreation Strategy Summit in Atlanta, GA. Fifty folks from around the South. We had breakout sessions. I presented our discussion to larger group. I hope our views will help the Southern Forests provide a responsive recreation program.

Tuesday, April 11 – National Recreation and Park Association – (NRPA) Annual Conference in Huntsville, AL. At 9 am showed my PowerPoint presentation on how I put together the website SCTrails.net to fifty folks. Also talked about how to use Microsoft FrontPage to create a website.

Wednesday-Friday, May 17-19 – Florida Trails Conference at the Belleview Inn in Belleair FL. Set up my SCTrails display in the exhibit hall. Hung out by display talking to attendees. Sandra and I biked 12 miles on the Pinellas Rail-Trail.

Thursday, June 15 – Second annual Recreational Trails Program Achievement Awards ceremony presented by the Coalition for Recreational Trails in Washington, DC. The North Augusta Greeneway Bridge in the category of Construction and Design was honored along with six other projects. The North Augusta, SC folks couldn’t be here so I accepted the award on their behalf and brought it to them.


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Thursday, August 24 – Town seeks park input article in Island Packet newspaper – Hilton Head, SC


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Thursday, September 21 – attended all day State Trail Administrators meeting hosted by Christopher Douwes with the Recreational Trails Program – Federal Highway Administration.

Stuart Macdonald introduced slides from a few States on their various trail projects. Each participant gave a self introduction along with a short State update.

Trail User Group Issues

South Carolina and Idaho have good publications on trail etiquette. States should share good materials with each other.

A majority of the administrators present agreed it would be a good idea to meet in conjunction with the Rails to Trails Conservancy’s International Trails and Greenways Conference, which will be held September 26-29, 2001, in St Louis, MO.

South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism has a trail bibliography with over 2000 references on their website: www.SCTrails.net

Attending: South Carolina – Jim Schmid

Link: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/recreational_trails/events/stam_2000/

September 21 to 24 – attended National Trails Symposium (NTS) Redding, CA.

Thursday, September 21 – Set up SCTrails display in exhibit hall and displayed some handouts. Opening session started at 6:30 pm. After session I went next door for dinner. Fun to talk with Steve Anderson, Jim Coffman, Michael Kelley, Eric Smith, Terry Heslin, Holly Van Houten, and others.

Friday, September 22 – 7 pm dinner and award presentations. Jimmy Parrish and Bill Victor received the South Carolina volunteer and advocate awards. The SC Trails Program had paid for them to attend the NTS.

Saturday, September 23 – I was a presenter in the afternoon with two other folks. I went through my PowerPoint on how I created SCtrails.net website. At 5:30 pm we all were bussed over to Turtle Bay Exploration Park for evening dinner and entertainment. They had a huge model of pedestrian bridge they plan to build over the Sacramento River to connect the trail system. [The “Sundial Bridge” opened in 2004]

Sunday, September 24 – I went to a 7 am breakfast meeting to evaluate a computer-based trail inventory program. There were twenty of us looking at computers while eating. I went to a 9 am session about long distance trails. I had been asked to participate but since Tom Chinn with Palmetto Trail was here I asked him to sit on the panel of six.

Presentation at Virginia’s Governors Trails and Greenways Conference – Ramada at Virginia Beach, VA

Sunday, October 1 – I set up the SCTrails display in the exhibit hall. I donated a pulaski and macleod to their silent auction.

Monday, October 2 – Opening session from 8:30 to 10:45 am. Hung out by trail display to talk with folks. Joined a mobile workshop – dozen of us rode bikes to nearby state park. Conference reception was held at the Science Museum. Sandra and I toured the exhibits then watched 3D Imax film about the Galapagos Islands.

Tuesday, October 3 – 8 am was general session with trail reports and award presentations. At 9:15 am I did my PowerPoint presentation about SCTrails website development. Answered lots of questions. Folks are interested in putting together their own websites. Packed up display and we headed home.

Trail Building School – Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC

Monday, November 6 – Sandra and I drove to Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) in North Carolina so I could help with week long trail building.

Tuesday, November 7 – I drove Sandra to Fontana Village so she can backpack on the Appalachian Trail 30 miles back to NOC. Jimmy Parrish brought the SWECO dozer to NOC. We met with Ken who works for NOC and we all walked alignment of trail NOC wants built.

Wednesday, November 8 – Jimmy cut trail with SWECO. I was out front cutting brush. Kurt Loheit from California is here. He’s helped run the Trail Building Schools in the past.

Thursday, November 9 – Bunch of us went over to Tsali Recreation Area to meet with Forest Service staff to discuss what work will be needed on Saturday when the volunteers are here. In the afternoon back at NOC I walked up the hill with Kurt to show him the SWECO work. The IMBA Trail Care Crew team showed up in the evening.

Friday, November 10 – I worked with Jimmy all day. I cut brush as he cut trail with SWECO. Sandra got in from her backpack. She went up the hill with me. I wheeled the work done so far. 2,089 feet with SWECO. In the evening Kurt gave a presentation on trail building. About 60 of us.

Saturday, November 11 – Back up the hill. Me and two other guys cut brush in front of SWECO. This is the fourth year of trail building and we got to the end with help of Jimmy and SWECO. NOC folks were real pleased. While we were here at NOC another crew worked at Tsali. We all gathered after dinner. Jay Franklin from Georgia and I talked to group about grants. Then Kurt Loheit talked more. Ken from NOC thanked me and Jimmy for being here with SWECO. Sandra and I headed home in the morning.

Southeast Long Distance Trails Meeting – Great Smoky Mountains National Park Headquarters – Gatlinburg, TN

Friday, November 17 – Sandra and I and Tom Chinn with Palmetto Trail drove to Great Smoky Mountains National Park Headquarters. The American Hiking Society and National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program and invited folks from the long distance trails in the Southeast for an all day meeting. A dozen of us drove into Gatlinburg, TN for dinner.

Saturday, November 18 – Seventeen folks are here. I set up SCTrails display with some handouts. We spent the day with each group talking about their trail. Tom Chinn talked about the Palmetto Trail and there was a guy here who talked about the Foothills Trail. I talked about SC trails in general. Wrapped up at 4:30 pm. We headed for home.

Friday, December 8 – Hikers should surf Web before hitting the trails by Joey Holleman in State newspaper – Columbia, SC


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Wednesday, December 13 – Received six Columbia fleece vests, six zip up sweaters, and 12 Timbuktu messenger bags with SCtrails program logo. I took this picture of Bob Swanson in 2021 wearing a Trails Program zip. Bob worked part time at South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism in the 1990s and 2000s. He maintained the SCTrails.net website for many years. Was great to see him again.


IMBA Trail Building School – Hickory Knob State Park, SC

Saturday, January 13 – I left our Columbia, SC home at 11 am and drove to Hickory Knob State Park. I’m staying overnight so checked in then unloaded workshop boxes and put them in the conference room for tomorrow. Drove to the Barn and walked new mtn bike trail until I found the crew. Jen and Rich Edwards (International Mountain Bicycling Association Trail Care Crew), Bill Victor and Michael Burton (local mtn bikers), and Bob Karriker from North Carolina. We flagged trail that will be worked on tomorrow as part of workshop. We all drove to McCormick, SC for a pizza dinner. We talked about tomorrow’s workshop. Got back to Park at 8 pm.

Sunday, January 14 – Up at 7 am. Checked out of cabin. Went to conference room at 8 am to help set up. IMBA Trail Building School kicked off at 9 am. We had 60 folks. Jen and Rich did a great job keeping it moving. I had lots of trail handouts for the group. Gave Jen and Rich each a SCTrails logo messenger bag as a thank you. We broke for lunch at noon. We all drove over to the Barn. Spent the afternoon working in the woods on the trail. I headed up one of the crews. We wrapped up at 4 pm. All in all a great day. Hung out talking until 5:30 pm. Headed home.

Received Certificate of Appreciation from SCORE

Saturday, February 3 – In the evening Sandra and I drove to Leaside Hall near I 77 and Hwy 378 for SCORE’s (South Carolina Off-Road Enthusiasts) first banquet. Jimmy Parrish heads up SCORE and had invited us. They had a bar-b-que dinner and gave out certificates of appreciation. Jimmy gave me one for my support of trails and SCORE. Nice of them. I talked with Joe Robles who works for Forest Service. Also talked with some OHV enthusiasts. Nice evening. We got home at 9 pm.


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Sunday, February 4 – A river (or two) runs through here by Joey Holleman in State newspaper – Columbia, SC


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Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference, Clemson, SC, March 16-18, 2001 Equestrian Trails and Water Quality

Friday, March 16 – I’m at Ramada in Clemson, SC for Equestrian conference. I set up SCTrails display with handouts in the exhibit hall. Sat in on a couple of workshops. I attended just the one day.

March 23 – received 120 SC Trails Program hats. On February 2, 2022 I took pictures of hat I’ve had for 21 years. I gave the hat to current South Carolina Trails Coordinator – Neal Hamilton. Time to pass it on.

Thursday, Marcy 19 – DHEC Trail and Greenway workshop

Drove out to Clemson’s Sandhill Research and Education Center at Two Notch and Clemson Roads in Columbia SC. Got there at 8:30 am. The DHEC Trail and Greenway workshop started at 9:30 am. I helped set up the room. Had about 60 folks. I was in charge of getting the speakers – Ollie Buckles with Palmetto Trail, Bob Brooks with North Augusta Greeneway, Mike Dawson with Columbia’s River Alliance, Mike Criss with SC Department of Natural Resources, and David Griggs with RPI (GIS company). Lots of good presentations and time for groups to work together. I conducted the question and answer session and wrap up.

May – here’s a mock up of a T-shirt we didn’t print. I didn’t want to lose this great design by Sandy Hussman.


May 21 – IMBA Certificate of Merit


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Hosted meeting of southern states to discuss East Coast Greenway (ECG)

Friday, August 17 – We met at 9:30 am at Sgt. Jasper State Park. James Gardner, Jasper County Recreation Director volunteered to be the South Carolina ECG committee chair. ECG volunteers from Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida were here. We also had Bill Lane with the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program. Also had Darrell McBane, the North Carolina Trails Coordinator. We had a catered lunch so we could meet until 4 pm. Lots of state reports and general information about the ECG. I was real pleased with the turn out of volunteers from South Carolina. We caravanned to Savannah, GA for dinner.

Saturday, August 18 – Back at the Park to continue meeting 9 am to noon. Local papers and Savannah, GA paper had article about our meeting.



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September 12


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Attended Mid-Atlantic Governor’s Conference on Greenways, Blueways, Green Infrastructure – Arlington, VA

Saturday, September 15 – Drove from Columbia, SC to Richmond, VA. Stayed the night at a Ramada Inn.

Sunday, September 16 – Drove to Crystal City Marriott Hotel  in Arlington, VA. Checked in at 10 am and I have a room on the 14th floor. Got out my bike and rode on the Mount Vernon Trail, Custis Trail, and Four Mile Run Trail. Did about 21 miles. Lots of folks out biking. Reagan National Airport is shut down because of 9/11. So very quiet with no planes in the sky. Got my conference registration packet in the afternoon. Set up SCTrails display and handouts outside of exhibit hall.

Monday, September 17 – Attended opening session. We had a moment of silence for victims of the 9/11 terrorists attacks. I was on a panel of state trail coordinators. We each talked ten minutes about our programs. I did my PowerPoint presentation. I ate lunch with Steve Elkinton who works for National Park Service. In the afternoon I did a PowerPoint on how I put together sctrails.net website.

Tuesday, September 18 – In the morning I biked 15 miles on Mount Vernon Trail out to Mount Vernon Estate and biked back. I had biked this trail back in 1988 when I interned at Washington DC AYH office. Hung out by SCTrails display table talking with folks in the afternoon. Headed home next day.

Attended The 3rd International Trails and Greenways Conference – hosted by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, St. Louis, MO

Monday, September 24 – Tom Chinn with Palmetto Trail and I left Columbia, SC and drove to St. Louis, MO to attend International Trails and Greenways Conference hosted by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. We got to Hyatt Hotel at 6 pm.

Tuesday, September 25 – I attended State Trail Administrators meeting hosted my Christopher Douwes with FHWA’s Recreational Trails Program. We met until 5 pm.

Motorized Trails and the RTP

Jim Schmid, South Carolina, asked: Who manages the areas? Dick responded that clubs manage the areas. One area already was an operating riding area. New clubs are forming. Jim Schmid said managed trails are more desirable than free-for-all areas. A managing presence would help Forest Service motorized areas. They could use concessionaires to help manage the riding areas.

NEPA Discussion

Jim Schmid, South Carolina, said the State requires land manager sign off (to keep groups from proposing projects on somebody else’s land).

Wednesday, September 26 – Attended day two of Trail Administrators meeting. I facilitated a discussion on multi-use trails. Set out SCTrails brochures in exhibit hall. Talked with Darrell McBane – North Carolina Trails Coordinator. Talked with Pam Gluck – Executive Director of American Trails. Ate dinner at Hard Rock café with Tim Blumenthal – Executive Director of International Mountain Bicycling Association and Steve Anderson – Pima County, AZ Trails Coordinator.

Thursday, September 27 – At opening session David Burwell who co-founded RTC 15 years ago was honored. He’s with another organization now. Got on metro with my bike and went to Forest Park Forever. Neat that you can just roll bikes on an off the metro trolley. I biked 12 miles around the Park. Then biked back to hotel. Evening conference party at the Arch. Speeches from Governor and Mayor. I rode elevator to top of Arch. Neat view of the city at night.

Friday, September 28 – Drove to St. Charles, MO to get on the Katy Trail State Park. I biked out 30 miles and then back to van. What a neat trail. It’s a rail-trail that goes for over 200 miles. Today is mobile workshops and one of them has folks riding this trail. Said hi as I passed them. Attended evening banquet. Senator Oberstar from Minnesota was featured speaker. He’s a big supporter of trails. Talked with Pam Gluck.

Saturday, September 29 – Talked with Christopher Douwes about SC RTP program. I’m getting pressure from my new boss to not grant money to OHV projects. Tom and I checked out of hotel and headed for home. We got back to Columbia at 9:30 pm.

Leaving SC State Trails Coordinator Job

Saturday, September 29 – I was in St. Louis to attend the RTC Trail Conference. While there I spoke with Christopher Douwes who heads up the Recreational Trails Program for FHWA in Washington DC. I told him of my meeting with Charles Harrison, my new boss at South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department where Charles wanted me to grant RTP funds to State Parks and not to OHV projects. I told him we have an advisory board that helps with grant allocations. He said don’t meet with them. Pretty wild. It’s a requirement. Christopher asked me to send him an email with the details.

Sunday, September 30 – Sent an email to Christopher Douwes letting him know we did not hold a trails advisory board meeting this past year.

Monday, October 1 – I went to talk with John Durst, the new director of PRT. He said he couldn’t go against the chain of command and couldn’t talk with me. Pretty wild response. In the afternoon I had a two hour telephone interview Chris Abbett who heads up the Atlanta, GA office of National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program. I had applied for a job with them a few weeks back. The job offer was put on hold when the Federal government announced a hiring freeze because of the terrorist attacks. I had cleaned my office in anticipation of moving on and also because I was headed to Maine to join  Sandra at the end of her Appalachian Trail thru-hike.

Tuesday, October 2 – I’m in a motel in Delaware Water Gap. Tried to get on my PRT email – no luck.

Wednesday, October 3 – At a rest stop I called PRT secretary Felicia to let her know I couldn’t access my email. She said I had to call Beth McClure. So I did. She wasn’t in. So tried Tony Bebber – not in. So called Ron Carter. His secretary said Ron told her to tell me to call Beth. So drove on and then called at another rest stop. Talked with Tony. He said they were looking for advisory board files and had to lock me out of system while the searched. Weird. Called FHWA contact in Columbia, SC. He said they had asked Tony on Monday to provide proof that advisory board had met during past year. Of course he couldn’t cause they hadn’t met. So he called Tony back on Tuesday to say grant funds are frozen. Called Beth in the afternoon. She said when they find the files they will turn my access back on. I guess they are afraid I’ll delete files.

Thursday, October 4 – Called Christopher. He said South Carolina will get no RTP grant funds this year because we didn’t hold an advisory board meeting. Pretty Wild.


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Monday, October 8 – Sandra and I are in Millinocket, ME. I called Patsy Sowell, our PRT personnel officer. She said she’s set up a meeting with everyone for when I get back. I called Bob Swanson who’s been part-time helping me with Trail Program website last couple of years. He said Tony told him I had quit PRT. Pretty wild. I have stuff in my office and I have a PRT van and laptop.

Tuesday, October 16 – Sandra and I are back from her Appalachian Trail thru-hike. While I was gone the past two weeks. PRT turned off my computer and phone access and sent me a letter accusing me of destroying grant files and stealing money. Sandra and I got in at 8 pm after driving 700 miles today. I called Tom Dodds, SCDOT Bike Ped Coordinator then Jimmy Parrish, OHV rep on State Trails Advisory Board. Tony Bebber, my supervisor at PRT held an Advisory Board meeting while I was gone. Charles Harrison had told me last month that we didn’t need to hold a meeting. He told me where to allocate the trail grant money. A few weeks back I emailed Christopher Douwes with FHWA Recreational Trails Program. Set off a big to-do. Now PRT needs to blame me.

Monday October 22 – I went to PRT. I was locked out of my office. I went to conference room for a meeting with Beth McClure, Tony Bebber, P.J. (PRT lawyer) and Patsy (PRT Human Resources Director). They asked me lots of questions about grant files and things I bought. Was more of an interrogation. They handed me a letter from John Durst PRT Director saying I had to return all the files or PRT would press charges. I had made the mistake of cleaning my office before leaving on vacation and had moved the file cabinet to office next door. They weren’t interested in me showing them where the files were. Two of the engineers (Bill and David) followed me home and I gave them my PRT laptop and keys to PRT van. I never got a letter saying “you’re fired.” I talked with Ray Young, Sandra’s father and he suggested I contact Louthian Law Firm which I did and they represented me. I never talked with anyone at PRT after that. Christopher Douwes said I could come to Washington DC and be a contract employee to work for him. The owner of Arrowhead (Stephanie Wyatt) called and asked for me to meet with her on Friday.


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Tuesday, October 23 – I drove to PRT with some files to give them. I had written a letter and wanted to give it to John Durst. His secretary wouldn’t let me see him. She called Beth and she came over so I gave her the box of files. I also wanted to talk with Ron Carter. He had hired me in 1995 and we had worked on the South Carolina Bicycle Touring Guide in 1980s. I couldn’t meet with him. I was shut out by everyone.

Thursday, October 25 – Sandra and I drove to DC so I can meet with Stephanie tomorrow. Steve Elkinton, who works for National Park Service let us stay at his place while in town. We had left our three dogs with a pet sitter.

Friday, October 26 – Met with Stephanie Wyatt with Arrowhead. She offered me a job as a contract employee and I’ll work for Christopher Douwes. Sandra and I stayed in town a few days looking for a house to rent. We need a place that allows dogs. Steve suggested a few areas to check out. On the way back to his place he saw a guy putting out a for rent sign so we pulled over. What luck. Nice house in Berwyn Heights, MD. We signed a contract. Headed back home to Columbia. Started packing and getting house ready to sell.

Saturday, November 3 – Karen Votava, Executive Director of the East Coast Greenway sent this certificate to me and PRT in support of my work.


Monday, November 5 – Received letter from Stephanie with job offer. First day will be November 19.


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December – received note from Tim Blumenthal, executive director of International Mountain Bicycling Association.


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December – received note from Joe Robles, Recreation Program Manager at Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests.


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Tuesday, March 19


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Friday and Saturday, April 11&12 – attended National Off-Highway Vehicle Program Managers meeting in conjunctioin with the National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council annual conference in Gretna, LA. At this time I was working in DC for Christopher Douwes with Federal Highway Recreation Trails Program. Christopher asked me to sit  in on the meetings to represent the RTP.

April 18-21 – Attended IMBA Mountain Bike Advocacy Summit – Moab, UT

Saturday, July 6 – Public input south in state trails planning article by Joey Holleman in State newspaper – Columbia, SC


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Monday, July 23 –


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Wednesday, August 14 –


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Sunday, August 19 –


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Thursday, August 30 –


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Wednesday, January 1 –


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Saturday, April 5 –


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Tuesday, August 17 to Friday, August 20 – North Shore World Mountain Bike Festival and Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The North Shore is famous for its freeride mountain biking trails, which gave birth to a  whole new style of riding that incorporates hand-built stunts into the natural surroundings. Four of us from Boise, ID decided to attend the Conference and check out the trails. We loaded our mtn bikes into a State van and Leo Hennessy, State Trails Coordinator drove us 600 miles to Vancouver. Terry Heslin, BLM Trails Coordinator was on the trip. We took time before the Conference to drive 100 miles north to Whistler Mountain Bike Park to ride a few mtn bike trails and camp. Then back to Vancouver to attend the four day conference. First day was a tour of North Shore Trails. Wednesday presentations about the Environmental Sustainability Factor. Thursday presentations about the Social Sustainability Factor. And on Friday presentations about the Economic Sustainability Factor.

On our way back to Boise we pulled into Walla Walla, WA late and stayed the night at a motel. Next morning we discovered that our van had been broken into and our bikes, laptops, luggage, was gone. Last night we were tired and left most of our stuff in the van. I was depressed about it for a long time – our bikes stolen out of government vehicle – what a drag. I bought a Fuel EX7 Trek mtn bike on May 1, 2005.


Public Land Acquisitions & Management (PLA&M) Conference November 16-18 – Hutchinson Island, Stuart, Florida

I started my job as Trails Coordinator for the National Forests in Florida on October 11 and here I an a month later in Southern Florida talking about OHV use on our Forests as part of a panel.

Unit 11 / Sweetbay Natural Area restoration Field Trip – Wednesday, November 16 – 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Michelle Mitchell who is the Administrator for the Florida National Scenic Trail and I joined a group for a tour of an area being restored to natural vegetation.





Thursday, November 17, 2005
Natural Areas Management and Recreation track
Managing ATV Use on Public Natural Area Lands
Rick Conover,
South Florida Water Management District
Overview of statewide off highway vehicle program: Chris Reed, Division of Forestry
Protecting natural resources, Vernon Compton, The Nature Conservancy
Function of statewide off highway vehicle advisory committee: Jack Terrell, Florida Trail Riders
Off highway vehicle use on public lands: Jim Schmid, US Forest Service


Monday, February 6 – here I am wearing my new Forest Service uniform in the front yard of our Tallahassee, FL home.


Saturday to Saturday, February 11-18 – attended Professional Trail Builders Association Conference, Reno, NV.

I flew from Tallahassee, FL to Reno, NV on Saturday, February 11 to be ready for next days pre-conference two day (Feb 12&13) workshop about trail building put on my Woody Keen. Next three days attended Professional Trail Builders Association Conference sessions. Then on Friday, February 17 attended all day OHV workshop put on by Dick Dufourd.

Wednesday to Friday, March 22-24 – attended National OHV Conference, Birmingham, AL

On Tuesday, March 21 drove from Tallahassee, FL 300 miles north to Birmingham, AL with Ronnie and Cherie – Rec Techs on the Apalachicola National Forest to attend the National OHV Conference sponsored by the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) and the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program. Sat in on all day National Association of OHV Program Manager’s meeting on Wednesday. Then two days of conference sessions. We drove back to Tallahassee on Saturday.

Tuesday to Thursday, May 2-4 – attended NOHVCC OHV workshop on Ocala National Forest.

Tuesday, May 2- Drove to Ocala National Forest from Tallahassee to attend the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC). I did a short presentation about the Forest Service Motorized Rule and EIS updates.
Wednesday, May 3 – Field day. We all rode ATVs on the trails near Lake DeLancy.
Thursday, May 4 – Half day wrap up. Drove back to Tallahassee.

Saturday & Sunday, May 6&7 – Sandra and I attended Florida Trail Association‘s Annual Conference – White Springs,  FL. Here’s a photo of Sandra at our tent.


Wednesday to Friday, May 10-12 – attended UTAP training at Walkulla Springs State Park, FL

I attended the three day Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) workshop put on by the Florida Office of Greenways and Trails. I first took the UTAP training in 1995 at the Beneficial Designs headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA. [today they are located in Minden, NV]


Wednesday to Saturday, March 18-24 – attended National OHV Conference, Charleston, WV

Drove from Tallahassee, FL to Charleston, WV with Ronnie Traylor the Rec Tech on the Apalachicola National Forest. We brought two ATVs with us. We spent two days before  the conference riding the trails at Hatfield/McCoy Trail System. Then we sat in on two days of OHV presentations. The conference is sponsored by the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC). The main topic was the Forest Service’s new Travel Management Rule which required each forest to map their roads and trails and designate use. This Rule will keep me very busy on our three National Forests in Florida until I retired in 2014.

Thursday to Sunday, May 3-6 – Sandra and I attended Great Eastern Hiking Festival hosted by American Hiking Society – Montreat, NC

hikingfest-logoWednesday, May 2 Sandra and I drove from Tallahassee, FL to Montreat, NC to attend the four day Great Eastern Hiking Festival hosted by American Hiking Society and Carolina Mountain Club. Sandra’s parents have a vacation home at Montreat so we had a place to stay. Good thing to be indoors. Rained every day and rained a lot. So lots of indoor sessions. We did get in a short hike the first and last days early in the morning. On May 4 Jim Bedwell, Forest Service Rec Staff from Atlanta, GA office was the dinner speaker. On May 5 I attended an all day trail maintenance workshop led by Woody Keen a professional trail builder. After the workshop I walked through the conference center to look at  the hiking club and business displays. May 6 we attended the closing session. Then drove back to Tallahassee the next day.

Saturday, June 2 – Decade of growth expands S.C. trails article by Joey Holleman in State newspaper – Columbia, SC


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Thursday to Sunday, June 28 to July 1 – helped with Route Designation Workshop for Land Managers, OHV Enthusiasts and Other Stakeholders – Tallahassee, FL.

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) hosted a series of workshops around the country to help educate managers and OHV users on the new Forest Service Travel Management Rule and how best to participate in the process. Essentially no more cross country vehicle travel. You have to be on a  designated road or trail. I helped with the Tallahassee, FL workshop which was held at Staybridge Suites. Sessions on Thursday and Friday were designed for Forest Service personnel. Tom Crimmins and Dick and Joani Dufourd were the presenters. Rachel from the University of Florida presented findings on their Ocala trail user study. Sessions of Saturday and Sunday were for the public with a good mix of motorized users as well as mtn bikers, equestrians, and conservationists. Dave Harris with Forest Service gave an update on our progress with Florida route designation EAs. Bret Bush from Ocala National Forest presented a PowerPoint on OHV trails and OHV abuse on the Forest.

Thursday to Saturday, July 19-21 – Sandra and I attended Southeast Equestrian Trails Conference – Knoxville, TN

Sandra and I drove from Tallahassee, FL 500 miles north to Knoxville, TN on Wednesday, July 18. On Thursday I attended an all day outdoor trail maintenance workshop led  my Trails Education Specialist Mike Riter. We got to use hand tools and machinery. I operated a Dingo – mini skid steer for a bit. Next two days of Southeast Equestrian Trails Conference (SETC) was indoor presentations. Sandra and I drove back to Tallahassee on Sunday.

November – received a Certificate of Merit from the Forest Supervisor for my work on the EA to implement the Travel Management Rule designating motorized routes on the three National Forests in Florida.


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Sunday to Saturday, March 9-15 – attended Professional TrailBuilders Association Conference in Reno, NV

On Saturday March 8 I flew from Tallahassee, FL to Reno, NV to attend week long Professional TrailBuilders Association conference. On March 9 and 10 I attended pre-conference workshop led by Woody Keen on the Art and Science of Trails. March 11 to 13 spent indoors in sessions. Then stayed for two day post conference workshop led by Dick Dufourd on Confluences of Conflicts. Flew back to Tallahassee on Sunday.

Friday to Sunday, March 28-30 – Sandra and I attended Florida Trail Association’s annual conference – White Springs, FL

This was the first year they called it “Florida Hiking Festival” and held at Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park in White Springs, FL. Over 700 in attendance. Sandra and I stayed in a local B&B. The first day was lots of presentations and hikes. Guest speakers are Steve Elkinton – Program Leader for National Trails System at National Park Service and Gary Werner – Executive Director of the Partnership for the National Trails System. They wanted to get out on the Florida National Scenic Trail so I joined them to hike a segment on the nearby Little Shoals Tract that is managed by the Suwannee River Water Management District. Here’s a  link to photos of that hike. On Sunday I attended an early morning meeting then I left to drive south to Fanning Springs State Park to ride in my first Bike Florida event.

August 1 – received certificate recognizing my ten years of working for the US Forest Service.


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Monday & Tuesday, October 6&7 – presentation at Virginia Governor’s Conference on Greenways, Blueways and Trails – Richmond, VA

I flew from Tallahassee, FL to Richmond, VA on Sunday October 5. At 11 am on Monday I gave a presentation on Forest Service trail inventory and budget process. Here’s the writeup from conference agenda:

Managing Long-Distance Trails and Trail Systems
Land managers are challenged by both multipurpose long-distance trails along narrow corridors as well as networks of smaller linking trails on large tracts of land. Hear tips for both types of trails from seasoned trail managers with plenty of time for specific questions.
Session moderated by Steve Elkinton, Program Leader, National Trails System Program.
Jim Schmid, Trails Manager, National Forests in Florida
Paul McCray, Operations Director, Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority

Attended sessions the next morning then flew back to Tallahassee.

December – received certificate of merit for leading Forest Trails Program.


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December 3 – received of appreciation from Chief of US Forest Service for work on travel management.


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Tuesday to Thursday, March 17-19 – attended Professional Trailbuilders Association Sustainable Trails Conference – Asheville, NC

PTBA-logoOn March 16 I drove from Tallahassee, FL to Montreat, NC where I’ll stay at Sandra’s parents house while I attend the Professional Trailbuilders Association Conference in nearby Asheville, NC. This is their first conference away from Reno, NV. I went to Reno back in 1992 for my first Trailbuilders meeting. Back then they were called the Western Trailbuilders Association. I attended all day workshops March 17 to 19. I especially liked the exhibit hall and enjoyed talking with trail workers. Outside was a demo area with mechanized trail equipment in use. Fun to watch.   Drove back to Tallahassee on March 20.

Friday & Saturday, July 10&11 – attended Southeast Equestrian Trails Conference – Gainesville, FL

I prepared a PowerPoint about the horse trails on the National Forests in Florida. Susan Matthews our Forest Supervisor presented it to the group.

Friday to Friday, July 17-14 – Sandra and I attended 37th biennial Appalachian Trail Festival – Castleton State College, Castleton, VT.

AT-logoSandra and I took three days to drive the 1,300 miles from Tallahassee, FL to Castleton, VT. Sandra thru-hiked the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail in 2001 and enjoys these festivals put on by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. We stayed in a Castleton State College dorm. Lots of workshops, hikes, and exhibits. Dayton Duncan, co-producer and writer of the Ken Burns film “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” was the featured presenter. While in Vermont we hiked on the Appalachian / Long Trail, visited the Robert Frost Farm, and walked on the Spirit in Nature trail. On the way home we stayed over night at the hostel in Pine Grove Furnace State Park and hiked on Appalachian Trail.

November – received Forest Service certificate of merit for my work on travel management on the National Forests in Florida.


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