Jim Schmid’s Trail Quote of the Day #562 – April 27, 2017



Why Trails?
• Trails promote health and fitness by providing an enjoyable and safe place for bicycling, walking, and jogging, removed from the hazards of motor vehicles.
• Trails contribute to economic vitality, increased property values and increases in regional tourism.
• Trails help protect resources and preserve open space by defining zones free of human habitation and development.
• Trails educate young and old Americans alike about the value and importance of the natural environment.
• Trails offer an alternative to motorized vehicles, connecting homes with schools, offices, and shopping areas and contribute to a healthier environment, with cleaner air and less traffic congestion.
• 155 million people walk for pleasure, 93 million bicycle, 41 million hike, trails provide access to 43 million for nature study, photography, small game hunting or primitive camping, 10 million ride horses on trails, 5 million backpack, and 11 million ski on trails.

—AMERICAN TRAILS, Trails for All Americans report, 1990

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