Jim Schmid’s Trail Quote of the Day #502 – Feb 26, 2017



The Appalachian Trail (1974)
Down at Springer Mountain I learned a thing or two,
Just a greenhorn city boy, starting out brand new,
I’d been feeling disconnected, kind of lost along the way,
But the first step that I took, found me coming home that day.
The Appalachian Trail was where it all began,
That’s where this boy first learned, to call himself a man,
It was the wind that taught me how to spread my wings,
It was the path, that led me on to other things.

It’s funny how just spirit will see you through hard times,
The blisters pain and freezin’ rain, and frozen boots were mine,
I look back now and think of how I could have thrown it in,
But the one who stands before you now, just never would have been.
(Repeat Chorus)
I still spend my days out walkin’ with the wind,
Now there’s silver in my beard, my hair is getting’ thin,
They say life is a circle and we’ll all come ’round again,
If that’s so, I’m looking for my Appalachian friends.
(Final Chorus)
—WALKIN’ JIM STOLZ, US Long-Distance Hiker, Song Writer, (1953-2010), Walkin’ Jim Music, BMI

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