Jim Schmid’s Trail Quote of the Day #299 – Aug 7, 2016

Sandra-Schmid-walking-Dezi-and-Blue-on Virginia-Creeper-Rail-Trail-VA-1997

Sandra-Schmid-walking-Dezi-and-Blue-on Virginia-Creeper-Rail-Trail-VA-1997

Thinking back, it is a wonder there have been any rail-trail conversions at all, considering the kinds of problems the pioneer projects had to face. Even without the killers [issues], almost any rail-trail project is a huge challenge, given the large number of jurisdictions and adjoining land users any railroad right-of-way encounters in just a few miles, never mind the typical twenty- to thirty-mile length (or more) of some of the major projects.

—CHARLES LITTLE, Greenways for America, 1990

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