Jim Schmid’s Trail Quote of the Day #98 – January 19, 2016



The current tendency in the parks is to limit entrances by upping admission prices, requiring reservations, and so forth. These solutions may be necessary, and I would rather put up with them than see a park destroyed. But usually pressures could be better reduced by getting rid of the motor vehicles. A car takes up more space, makes more noise, pollutes more air, requires more facilities, and carries more trash than a person—or a lot of people. Let the visitors walk or put them on bicycles. That is what the parks are all about anyway. Let them stick their noses in flowers, gawk at the cliffs, wonder at the sunset, and get blisters on their feet. But for God’s sake, let them leave their gasoline engines somewhere else—we need parks, not parking lots.

—RAYMOND BRIDGE, America’s Backpacking Book, 1973

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